April 19, 2017:

The Teacher Zone Talks with Executive Director Rob Max on Episode #5 – Musicians in Need

Episode #5 – Musicians in Need

How do you run a successful Charity?

In this episode we explore famed charity that works to help many musicians in need with Rob Max its Executive Director.  If you are a Music School or Teacher you’ll be excited to hear of the good works Sweet Relief does for fellow Musicians.  Rob Max is an extraordinary guest who’s passion is to help musicians through this amazing organization. Hear amazing stories, history and strategies Rob and his team use to move the Sweet Relief Charity through the last 9 years of success. Truly a great work. Please go to to learn more or donate. 

Listen to the full episode HERE

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April 10, 2017:

“The Amateur” to Support Sweet Relief for Jazz Appreciation Month

April is jazz appreciation month! All month long, 50% proceeds from the documentary “The Amateur” will be donated to a Sweet Relief Musicians Fund! 
The Amateur tells the story of jazz musician Chris Corso who at 55 years old, decides to take jazz piano lessons, not in search of fame and fortune, but to “mine” the instrument for the truthful “vibrations” it has to offer. This journey includes mixing meditation and marijuana with his jazz experience. Synchronicity soon takes over to shepherd him on a magical musical journey.
April 6, 2017:

Sweet Relief Executive Director Rob Max discusses the many challenges of fundraising for critically ill musicians

04 Apr


It’s become a deeply sad and all too familiar pattern: the revelation that a musician has a catastrophic illness, followed by the launch of the now-inevitable GoFundMe and an announcement of some kind of benefit performance(s) to help raise money towards medical expenses. Fellow musicians rally their loyal fan bases and donate time, merchandise, music; bandmates raise awareness, fans chip in with cash, purchase concert tickets, or bid on silent auctions. Everyone hopes for positive outcomes, whether financial—fundraising goals that exceed their original target, sold out shows—of course, medical—a successful treatment, a shrunken tumor, a cancer in remission. At the very least, a financial cushion to support the afflicted while they undergo care and hopefully get back on their feet.

But long before crowdfunding, tragically, became an acceptable way for ill musicians to obtain financial support, the organization Sweet Relief was providing similar services. Founded in 1993 when Victoria Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Sweet Relief (according to their mission statement) “provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age related problems.” Many people became aware of the organization from the benefit album of the same name that came together to assist Williams. Others notice the charity’s name on their credit card receipt when they buy a T-shirt or a poster at a fundraising gig.

“Where we really figure in is when people are facing life-threatening cancer, illness, or other disabilities,” said Rob Max, executive director of Sweet Relief. “The vast majority of the people we help actually have insurance. What most people aren’t aware of is that insurance coverage in this country is limited. And if you get a life-threatening disease, like a cancer, you’re going to be in a lot of challenge financially, besides everything else: physically, mentally, spiritually.

Even if you’re fully insured, insurance doesn’t cover living, insurance doesn’t cover housing, insurance doesn’t cover food or other necessities, insurance doesn’t cover many things that fall outside insurance.

So Sweet Relief comes in and [fills the] gap for all that.”

Sixty percent of bankruptcies in the U.S. are the result of medical debt. “There’s a level of illness that someone will have in this country, and…short of having a million-dollar net income, you’re going to be in trouble,” Max said. “You’re going to need help from your community. I mean, I’ve seen successful people that had great careers in music or in the business of music or just in general [who] lose everything with cancer treatment that extends a few years. They don’t have income coming in. I’ve seen people lose houses. So I think it’s good that we talk about the challenges of the musician in choosing that career…

It’s bad enough when people get cancer—can you imagine going homeless while you’re battling cancer? I mean, it’s a reality that everybody faces if you get ill these days. Being a musician just adds more challenge when you become ill—typically, they [don’t have] steady careers with steady income.”

Max points out that the physical nature of a musician’s job presents a dynamic familiar to anyone who uses their body in their work. “The illness has removed from them their way of making a living—they can’t suddenly switch to another profession that will support them at the same level,” he said. “When you’re facing cancer, or some of these other things, there’s no job that you can do. If you’re going through chemotherapy, if you’re beginning to become debilitated—many people we’ve helped with Lou Gehrig’s disease, people we’ve helped with severe MS—it takes away any working capability.”

Sweet Relief is not just there for “name” musicians, Max points out. They are a resource for musicians in need at any stage of their career. “We help local [musicians] as well—not just people who are significant in the music world, we’ve done dozens and dozens of directed funds,” he said. (Directed funds are the larger fundraisers executed under the Sweet Relief umbrella.) “As long as there’s a community that wants to help somebody, they can come work with us…Sometimes we just provide information, sometimes we set a fund up, people can work through us. We’re here on any level that people need us, if we can help…We’ve done more directed funds for people you’ve never heard of than [for] famous people.”

Max stressed that the most important thing, before offering to set up any kind of fundraiser for someone you want to help, is to make sure that the beneficiary is comfortable with the idea.

“Make sure this person wants to go public with their position,” he said. “A lot of times people want to keep it private. They do not want their medical conditions, or what they’re going through, out there.”

Usually, there’s one person who’s the impetus behind the fundraising drive. Sweet Relief refers to them as the “angel advocate.” Max elaborates: “That’s the person—sometimes it’s a wife, sometimes it’s a child, sometimes it’s a parent, sometimes it’s a best friend, sometimes it’s a co-worker—these people are heroes. They’ve got someone close to them, and they are going to take on a second job in their life. And that job is to make sure that this person is not forgotten, and they get the help they need. And those are the drivers that really do amazing things.”

Max also had some advice for those whose first instinct to raise money is to put on a benefit concert: “You really have to be smart so you don’t end up losing money, or don’t end up making money, or spending money that you shouldn’t,” he said. “It always depends upon what community is available, but you can raise significant money with a bake sale at a school—just as much as you could trying to put on a show. The other mistake I see is that people don’t realize how much time it takes to produce a show. Even in a local situation, all the stuff that goes into it, sometimes I see people get overwhelmed, and I would caution somebody: be very careful. Don’t take on something that might be outside of your capabilities or resources, because then you’ll get resentful when it turns into too much for [you] to handle.

“The key thing,” he continued, “is [to] delegate, and get people to give their time and things for free. What people don’t realize when they want to do shows at clubs: venues can’t just give away their venues. If they’re personally connected to somebody they may do so, but venues are not making money hand over fist, so you can’t just get them for free.”

It’s not just the advocates who must mentally adjust to unexpected contingencies, but stricken musicians as well. “The greatest gift you can ever give some person is letting them help you when you need it most……any person that’s ever in need, realize you’re giving somebody a gift when you let them help. It’s hard for people to see that.

We get humble when we’re in our worst situations, and we shouldn’t let being humble be confused with being humiliated.

Because you’re not being humiliated; you’re giving people that love you a chance to help you, and that’s a true gift.”

It’s important to remember that Sweet Relief isn’t the only resource for musicians in need. Max identified MusicCares and The Actor’s Fund as charities that have the capacity fund larger amounts than Sweet Relief can handle. “They help many, many, many musicians that need help, and they’ll give substantial grants—$1,000, $2,000—our general grants are small, they’re $400, to just help somebody pay a bill for a month, maybe help them along,” he said. “In directed funds, we’ve raised from $10,000 to half a million dollars to help somebody…the directed funds that we do, which now we’ve done several hundreds, we’ve paid for brain tumor operations. We’ve saved someone’s home. We’ve been able to get people treatment to really help them.

“Often [people] come to us when it’s terminal, and they’re just trying to survive, or get treatment to stretch out life. And we’re part of the people who can make that possible.”


Sweet Relief


p.s. Fuck cancer.

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March 7, 2017:

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund Presents: “Strange 80s” Inaugural Annual Benefit Concert On May 14th At The Fonda Theater



**Tickets On Sale Friday, March 10th @10am PT**

Hosted by Finn Wolfhard of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”

With Performances By:

Tenacious D

“Weird Al” Yankovic

Sarah Silverman

Members of: OK Go, Goldfinger, Sugarcult, Anberlin, Anthrax, Velvet Revolver, Taking Back Sunday & more!

Los Angeles, CA – March 7, 2017Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is proud to announce “Strange 80s, the inaugural annual benefit concert set to take place on Sunday, May 14th at the Fonda Theater. Hosted by Finn Wolfhard of the Netlfix hit “Stranger Things,” “Strange 80s” will feature performances by Finn and a rotating cast of rock stars & celebrities covering the timeless anthems of the 80s! Tickets for “Strange 80s” will go on sale to the public on Friday, March 10th at 10am PT, with VIP tickets being sold at a later date via CrowdRise. All proceeds will go to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to provide financial assistance to career musicians and music industry workers in need due to illness, disability or age-related problems. For more information, please visit:

Performers include: Tenacious D, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and Sarah Silverman, plus members of OK Go, Taking Back Sunday, Velvet Revolver, Steel Panther, Filter, Anberlin, Goldfinger, Sugarcult, Anthrax, Precious Kid, Filter, and Honey Honey, plus TV stars: Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, Hayley Orrantia (from The Goldbergs), and Chelsea Telmadge (from Stranger Things), with additional performers to be announced over the next few weeks!

In addition to a full concert of musicians and actors covering anthems of the 80s, “Strange 80s” will feature a Silent Auction offering exclusive, big-ticket items and experiences. Plus, 250 lucky winners will continue the festivities with a rooftop after-party featuring Rain Man from Krewella and more to be announced.

With excitement towards the upcoming festivities, Artist & Global Ambassador Matthew Leone explains, “As a career musician, Sweet Relief came to my rescue a few years back when I was severely injured in an attack. Knowing intimately, the paramount value of this work, we are humbled and grateful for the caliber of artists enlisted to participate in what will unquestionably be the best party and show of the year.”

Sweet Relief was founded by singer-songwriter Victoria Williams in 1993. Victoria, while on a career-making tour with Neil Young was forced to drop off mid-schedule after experiencing unexplained debilitating symptoms. A long and painful diagnostic process revealed she had multiple sclerosis. After her diagnosis, a group of friends assembled an all-star album of Victoria’s songs, Sweet Relief, which alleviated much of her medical debt. Vic, knowing that there were many musicians like her – unable to afford medical expenses and compromised in their ability to work – donated some of her proceeds from the album to found Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. The name of the fund derives from a song of Victoria’s, Opelousas (Sweet Relief) and the fact that we do provide sweet relief in the form of financial assistance to many musicians who would otherwise be in untenable predicaments.



Sweet Relief Musicians Fund Presents “Strange 80s”

DATE: Sunday, May 14th 2017

VENUE: The Fonda Theater | 6126 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

TICKETS: On Sale March 10th @10am PT | All Ages

TIME: Doors – 6pm | Show – 8pm


Follow Sweet Relief Musicians Fund:






About Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.

In 1994 Sweet Relief was incorporated as a 501C3 nonprofit charity and for the past 18 years has been offering vital assistance to professional musical artists in need. Many prominent musicians, professionals and music fans have contributed enthusiastically to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Benefits have been performed in venues from Miami to Seattle, with performances donated by many established and emerging artists. Nightclubs, concert halls, radio stations, internet sites, restaurants, clothing and shoe companies, music retailers, athletes, actors, corporations, foundations and music fans have all participated with Sweet Relief to assist struggling musicians.

Music has made all of our lives, and the events in our lives special and memorable. While few find fame and fortune, most musicians remain in the field for their love and passion of music. The choice an individual makes to be a professional musician is one of sacrifice. The average income across the various employment options while accounting for the part time nature of most opportunities is less than $25,000 annually. Over 65% of professional musicians do not have health insurance. Since the mid 1960’s (Post Beatles) the number of individuals choosing music as a career grew exponentially. Previous to this time most professionals were either orchestra and classical players or jazz and blues artists. The explosion of pop, rock and country career musicians over a 20-year period in the U.S. represented an artistic and cultural revolution.

While the financial hardship a musicians faces when dealing with illness or disability may be a constant, we now face a burgeoning elder population of artists with little or no resources available for such emergency situations.


Press Contact:

Shoshie Aborn | Big Picture Media

40 W. 29th Street, Suite 401 | New York, NY 10001 | o: 212.675.3103

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

March 3, 2017:



Los Angeles, CA (March 1, 2017)Legendary rock band The Moody Blues will unite with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, in an effort to help aid musicians during their upcoming special live tour celebrating the 50th Anniversary of their iconic, landmark album, DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED, which kicks off on June 3 in Rancho Mirage, California, and runs through July 23 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Moody Blues will donate $1 per-ticket sold at each show on the tour to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, an organization which lends financial assistance to career musicians, venue workers, production staff, crew members and their families suffering from injury, illness or disability. Funds raised from the tour will pay for medical procedures, doctor visits, prescriptions, and vital living expenses.

 On the tour, titled DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED – 50TH ANNIVERSARY, the band will reflect back on five decades of some of the most well beloved music in pop culture history this summer, when they perform live onstage, for the first-time ever, their epic album recorded in 1967, which marked the first time a rock band had fused their sound with a symphony orchestra.  The tour will bring the live excitement of seeing the band perform their greatest hits in the first half, and then finish with DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED performed in the second half.  The tour will hit 25 cities (and 28 performances), including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Seattle, Baltimore, Denver, Cleveland, Nashville, and many more. 

Says Moody Blues guitarist/vocalist Justin Hayward, ‘We are pleased to be associated with Sweet Relief, and are very much looking forward to this tour. It will be a joy to return to this music – live, after all these years.”

Adds Bill Bennett, President of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, “Sweet Relief is enormously grateful to the Moody Blues for this incredibly generous donation, and the funds raised will help hundreds of desperate musicians and music industry workers in critical need.”

For a full list of dates, click HERE

From the time the British band first hit the rock scene, The Moody Blues have continued to produce music that bridge the gap between rock, classical and pop-rock genres.  Featuring guitarist/vocalist Justin Hayward, bassist/vocalist John Lodge, and drummer Graeme Edge, The Moody Blues’ sound has held its ground in a genre of music that is ever-changing.  The Moody Blues have sold in excess of 70 million albums worldwide and have been awarded 14 platinum and gold discs.  Their roster of hits include:  “Nights In White Satin,” “Tuesday Afternoon,” “Ride My See Saw,” “The Story In Your Eyes,” “Isn’t Life Strange,” “Question,” “I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band),” “Your Wildest Dreams,” and “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere,” to name a few.  The Moody Blues’ No. 1, Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, Top 40, Multi-Platinum, Platinum and Gold albums and singles, have generated sold-out tours on a consistent basis over the course of several decades, making them one of the top-grossing album and touring bands of all time.

 For more information on Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, please visit:

For more information on The Moody Blues tour, please visit:

February 28, 2017:

A Light I Can Feel: A Tribute to Brown Bird

We are honored & humbled that we have been chosen as beneficiaries of this beautiful tribute to brown bird, ‘A Light I Can Feel’, in memory of David Lamb set to be released in late March on Burst & Bloom Records. All proceeds from sales will benefit Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

Coming March 2017– “A Light I Can Feel: A Tribute to Brown Bird”.

“It’s not every day that a band comes along truly defying classification… Providence, Rhode Island duo Brown Bird are the real deal. Rootsy folk? Check. Stomp-along Russian gypsy jam? Yup. Hints of acoustic heavy metal? Absolutely.” – Paste Magazine

Brown Bird was a beloved band whose founder David Lamb passed from leukemia in 2014. This 2-CD tribute was originally conceived of, and compiled to help raise money for his treatment. Though he had heard most of this album, unfortunately, Lamb passed before it could see release. We’re releasing “A Light I Can Feel: A Tribute to Brown Bird” in 2017 in his memory, to raise money for Sweet Relief, and to continue to share the music of Brown Bird with the world.

This highly-personal collection includes thirty-two interpretations of Brown Bird songs by friends, fans, and collaborators.

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.

A special limited-edition of 50 will also come with a signed, numbered print of Dylan Metrano’s papercutting portrait of David Lamb.

Disc 1
1. South China My Mind Is An Altar
2. Micah Blue Smaldone Danger and Dread
3. Melaena Cadiz Wrong Black Mare
4. Tiger Saw Bilgewater
5. Ormolu Needy Generator
6. Dave Simonett End of Days
7. Mara Flynn I Was Blind
8. Guy Capecelatro III Weathering
9. Dark Dark Dark Severed Soul
10. Fiddle Heirs Slack Jawed
11. I Love You & I Miss You David and Bathsheeba
12. Nat Baldwin Ebb and Flow
13. Farthest Forests Blood of Angels
14. Zach Tremblay My Daddy’s a Preacher
15. Audrey Ryan By the Reins
16. Dan Blakeslee Amelia Earhart

Disc 2
1. Matt Bauer Colorado
2. The Devil Makes Three Fingers to the Bone
3. Vio/Miré Lake Bed
4. Joe Fletcher Mabel Grey
5. Anna Vogelzang Black Sea
6. Andy Arch Barren Lakes
7. Northern Lioness
8. Peter Squires Hardly a Man of my Word
9. Littlegun A Temple and a Cradle
10. Eastern Mountain Time A Few More Drinks
11. Lososos Taurus
12. Jonah Tolchin Thunder and Lightning
13. Jenee Halstead Devil Dancing
14. Breakfastsong Blue is the Weather
15. The Landladys Down to the River
16. Wesley Hartley A Sun That Won’t Go Down

Pre-Order Here

February 23, 2017:

Everclear to Donate $1 of Every Ticket Sold to Sweet Relief On Their Upcoming So Much For The Afterglow 20th Anniversary Tour 2017!

They are still dreaming of your ghost. Everclear is back on the road to celebrate two decades of So Much For The Afterglow, which contained some of the group’s biggest hits.

The group’s second studio LP, SMFTA came out in 1997 and spawned such classics as “Father Of Mine,” “I Will Buy You A New Life,” and “Everything To Everyone.” The tour for that album saw the group travel to Australia for the first time, and that trek was a dumpster fire, complete with explosions, stolen equipment and band infighting.

But now the band can laugh about it. Well, at least vocalist and guitarist Art Alexakis can, as he was the only one around for that album and tour who is still in the band.

“It’s hard to believe we made this record 20 years ago. Even though I’m in a different place now than the guy who first wrote and sang these songs, and even though faces, voices and relationships change, the songs still feel relevant and vital every time we play them live. I can’t wait to play the whole records for the first time with the guys in Everclear now,” Alexakis said in a statement.

The celebration tour kicks off May 11 in Portland at the Crystal Ballroom and currently has a month-and-a-half booked, with more dates being promised. The last night so far is June 29 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Calif., June 29.

The group is donating $1 from each ticket to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which benefits music industry workers suffering from injury, illness or disability.

The group also plays at Bratfest in Madison, Wis.’s Alliant Energy Center on May 27 and Celebrate Fairfax in Fairfax, Va., on June 10.

Check out the dates:

May 11 – Portland, Ore., McMenamins Crystal Ballroom
May 12 – Seattle, Wash., The Showbox
May 13 – Airway Heights, Wash., Northern Quest Casino
May 14 – Billings, Mont., The Pub Station
May 16 – Calgary, Alberta, Marquee
May 17 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, O’Brians Event Centre
May 18 – Regina, Saskatchewan, Casino Regina Show Lounge
May 19 – Deadwood, S.D., Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel & Casino
May 20 – Denver, Colo., Summit Music Hall
May 23 – The Colony, Texas, Lava Cantina
May 25 – Des Moines, Iowa, Brenton Skating Plaza
May 26 – Welch, Minn., Treasure Island Resort & Casino
May 27 – Madison, Wisc., Alliant Energy Center (Bratfest)
May 28 – Kansas City, Mo., Crossroads-KC
May 30 – Cleveland, Ohio, Agora Theatre
June 1 – Pittsburgh, Pa., Stage AE
June 2 – Arlington Heights, Ill., Home Bar Chicago
June 3 – South Bend, INFour Winds Field at Stanley Coveleski Stadium
June 6 – New York, N.Y., Irving Plaza
June 7 – Boston, Mass., House Of Blues Boston
June 8 – Portland, Maine, Aura
June 9 – Hampton Beach, N.H., Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
June 10 – Fairfax, Va., Government Center (Celebrate Fairfax)
June 11 – Toronto, Ontario, The Danforth Music Hall
June 15 – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Club Regent Event Centre
June 16 – Duluth, Minn., Canal Park
June 18 – Wichita, Kansas, The Cotillion
June 22 – West Siloam Springs, Okla., Cherokee Casino
June 23 – New Braunfels, Texas, River Road Icehouse
June 24 – Houston, Texas, House Of Blues
June 25 – Midland, Texas, Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center
June 27 – Tempe, Ariz., The Marquee
June 28 – Los Angeles, Calif., The Belasco Theater
June 29 – Anaheim, Calif., House Of Blues      

Everclear is still cranking out new tunes, as the group’s latest album, Black Is The New Black, was released in 2015.

Tickets to the shows go on sale Feb. 24. Learn more about the group at

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February 9, 2017:

GREATEST HITS: –Photography Exhibition and Opening Reception – Launches At Gibson Brands Sunset (former Tower Records) In West Hollywood

–Photography Exhibition and Opening Reception–
Launches At Gibson Brands Sunset (former Tower Records)
In West Hollywood
Download photos from GREATEST HITS: (HERE)


100% Of Proceeds Donated To Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
Show Extends To Mr. Musichead Gallery-Hollywood Feb. 8-18
Guests arrive for GREATEST HITS (2.2.17) at Gibson Brands Sunset.
Over 500 music and art lovers and entertainment industry influencers attended the sold-out Los Angeles opening launch of GREATEST HITS at Gibson Brands Sunset (former Tower Records) in West Hollywood on Thursday, February 2. The premiere art retrospective and photography exhibition GREATEST HITS celebrates the work of veteran Los Angeles photographer CHRIS CUFFARO. Last week’s launch featured special acoustic performances from emerging L.A. artists including Givers & Takers, Josh Todd, Lauren Ruth Ward, Particle Kid, The Palms as well as a DJ setfrom Fred Sablan.
Fans that missed the initial Los Angeles launch can see an abbreviated version of the show from Wednesday, February 8 through Saturday, February 18 at Mr. Musichead Gallery (7420 Sunset Blvd. L.A., CA 90046) in
100% of the net proceeds from art sales and donations from GREATEST HITS benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, a charity providing financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability or age-related problems. For more information, visit:

(L-R) Sam Milgrom (Mr. Musichead Gallery) and GREATEST HITS photographer CHRIS CUFFARO arrive.

The Los Angeles exhibition of GREATEST HITS featured over sixty different photographs–fifteen, large 60×60 photographs as well as over-eighty 24×24 images in limited and numbered quantities including Alice in Chains, Bad Brains, Ben Harper, Brian Wilson, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Elvis Costello, Fiona Apple, George Harrison, George Michael, Gwen Stefani, Henry Rollins, Ice Cube, Ice-T, Iggy Pop, INXS, Jackson Browne, Jane’s Addiction, John Lydon, Nick Cave, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Phil Collins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slash, Social Distortion, Soundgarden, Steve Jones, Terence Trent D’Arby, The Afghan Whigs, The Game, Tommy Lee, White Zombie and Willie Nelson, among others. The show was an experience as visceral as rock n’ roll itself, featuring oversize prints, exclusive musical performances and a host of tastemakers and influencers from the entertainment, art, media and pop culture spheres, staged in the completely non-traditional environment of Gibson Brands Sunset, the former site of the legendary Tower Records store.
GREATEST HITS celebrates the work of veteran photographer CHRIS CUFFARO. Over the past 30 years, CUFFARO has worked with celebrated musicians and A-list entertainers help them define their public image, while establishing his reputation as one of the most respected photographers in the entertainment industry. CUFFARO consistently captures the “real” person behind the famous face and brings a new level of emotional depth to the two dimensional art form of photography. To share his story, CHRIS has chosen over 100 photographs that represent the most iconic images, artists and moments in his career–his GREATEST HITS

Above: Revelers enjoy the displays at GREATEST HITS.

(L-R) Peter Lenheiser (Senior Director of GIbson Entertainment Relations) and photographer CHRIS CUFFARO.

(L-R) Musician LP arrives with performer Lauren Ruth Ward.
Givers and Takers perform.
Musician Josh Todd performs at GREATEST HITS.
Lauren Ruth Ward performs during GREATEST HITS.
The GREATEST HITS Los Angeles exhibition is made possible by the following partners: Gibson Brands, EDGE Lighting Grip Studio Production, Chromatic, Inc., Mr. Musichead Gallery, Pono Burger, Deep Eddy Vodka, Lagunitas, Casamigos, Kim Crawford Wines, Remixed Bakery, High West Whiskey, Voss Water and Small Town Brewery.
Check out a sample of the GREATEST HITS show on
Iconic Photos of Nirvana, George Michael, Morrissey & More From Chris Cuffaro
Below is a preview of additional images from CHRIS CUFFARO’s GREATEST HITS Los Angeles exhibition. View more images (here).
George Michael and Ice-T.

Fiona Apple and Nick Cave.


Pearl Jam and Jane’s Addiction.


Elvis Costello and T-Bone Burnett.
Credit: Chris Cuffaro.
For GREATEST HITS media inquiries and interviews with CHRIS CUFFARO, contact:
Libby Coffey
818-380-0400 x224,
February 2, 2017:

Rock N’ Rollers for Sweet Relief “H-Town”


We are so grateful to the Rock N’ Rollers for generously donating all sales from their song “H-Town” to support Sweet Relief! 


100% of all online sales from this track are being donated to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, a non-profit that provides financial assistance to career musicians and venue workers who are struggling to make ends meet due to illness, disability or age-related problems. 


released February 1, 2017
Vocals: Nik Frost
Lead Guitar: Cody Jones
Rhythm Guitar: Jet Freedom
Bass: Gatticurse
Drums: Kelly HagermanProduced by Nik Frost.
Recorded at Redstarr Recording, Silverlake CA.
Engineered by Tim Sonnefeld.
Mixed and mastered by Grant Conway.
Special Thanks to Geoff Siegel and Fundamental MusicCurrently being played on The Eagle, 106.9FM & 107.5FM, Houston’s Only Classic Rock Station – and The Koch and Kalu Show on SportsTalk 790AM, Houston’s Home For Your Home Teams –

November 23, 2016:

Brighter Sun Benefit Concert ~ Michael Bonanomi Foundation

Brighter Sun Benefit Concert ~ Michael Bonanomi Foundation


Brighter Sun
A Benefit Concert for the Michael Bonanomi Foundation
and Music4Sight@Sweet Relief
feat. Zach Gill and Simon Petty with Ruled By Venus

This year’s the concert will be headlined by Zach Gill!  Zach is a multi instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and member of the rock band ALO and Jack Johnson’s band. He also performs regularly as a solo artist. Also appearing will be Simon Petty with Ruled by Venus.  Simon, Michael’s dear friend and longtime collaborator, returns to Brighter Sun after an amazing performance last year.

Brighter Sun is The Michael Bonanomi Foundation’s second annual benefit concert.  The Michael Bonanomi Foundation was established in memory of Michael Spencer Bonanomi, who was tragically taken from us by a hit and run driver on August 17, 2013.  He was only 35 years old.  Michael loved all music and believed in the profound positive effect music has on society.  The Foundation aims to encourage children and adults to pursue their musical talent, through donations, scholarships and financial assistance to those programs or individuals who demonstrate both a financial need and a commitment to music.  In 2016, the Foundation’s goals are to provide financial assistance to Music4Sight@Sweet Relief and to endow a music scholarship at Michael’s alma mater, the University of California, Santa Cruz.  The Michael Bonanomi Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation.

VIP Reception and Concert 7:00 PM

VIP Reception will feature famed photographer, Cliff Lipson
and his iconic photography from The Concert for Bangladesh, appetizers and buffet dinner.

General Admission 8:30 PM
$15.00 presale / $20 at the door / 21 & over event


July 19, 2016:

Garbage Donates Custom Drum Kit to Sweet Relief for Auction

 Garbage Donates Custom Drum Kit to Sweet Relief for Auction

We are beyond excited about this one, check out this amazing drum kit that Butch Vig played on the Garbage 20 Years Queer Tour!

Butch Vig's 4-piece drum set which was used on the Garbage 20 Years Queer tour.

Butch Vig’s 4-piece drum set which was used on the Garbage 20 Years Queer tour.

This incredible kit is being auctioned to raise money for Sweet Relief, and also includes black on black 5×14 maple snare drum which was used on the Bleed Like Me tour and multiple Butch Vig recordings. Butch also autographed the bass drum and several cymbals.

Black Maple Snare

Black Maple Snare

The auction is taking place on Charitybuzz and will close on Tuesday, August 2nd.  The lucky winner will also get a pair of tickets to the show of their choice and will meet Butch and the band at the show!


June 10, 2016:

Harman International Supports Sweet Relief With Generous Donation of JBL 4367 Speakers

We are so grateful to our friends at Harman International for their support.  They recently donated a pair of amazing JBL 4367 speakers which raised $7,500 for our musicians in need!


We are honored to have a partner like Harmon International, a company known for it’s quality and high-performance audio products.  Stay tuned for more amazing deals on speakers from this incredible company!

For more information about Harman International and to check out more of their amazing products, click here.

June 8, 2016:

Tanya Tucker teams up with EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE & Sweet Relief to launch online auction starting June 16



Beloved country music icon Tanya Tucker teams up with EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE and

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to launch a curated online auction starting June 16

This once-in-a-lifetime sale will feature hundreds of items including music memorabilia, vintage stage costumes, mementos and more from the country star’s personal archives

Nashville, Tennessee (June 8, 2016) – Today country music icon Tanya Tucker announces a partnership with premier online estate sale marketplace EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE ( During her nearly 45-year career as a country music legend, which began when she was just a teen, Tucker has garnered many chart-topping hits, awards and magazine covers. The avid collector has also amassed an extraordinary treasure of clothing, accessories, jewelry, keepsakes from iconic performances, collectible home decor, and so much more. For the first time, this special collection will be offered via a curated auction kicking off on Thursday, June 16, 1:00 a.m./CDT exclusively on

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, an organization that provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians and industry workers who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability or age-related problems. (

“A few years ago I went through a difficult surgery on my vocal chords. Fortunately I was in a position to get the specialized care necessary to continue my career, but not everyone is in this position. This is one reason why I’m extremely excited to be working with EBTH to support Sweet Relief Musicians Fund with a percentage of the sale proceeds,” says Tucker. “I have spent my life collecting these treasures. I look forward to others having the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I have.”

The highly-anticipated sale will feature 500 curated items including designer stage costumes worn on tour, at award shows and on photo and video shoots. Several items were featured in her 2014 Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum exhibit, Tanya Tucker: Strong Enough to Bend. Among the latter: a 1970’s Delta Dawn jumpsuit, an Azzedine Alaïa black leather bustier and fringed mini skirt, a 1975 custom Nudie suit, and a Fernando Wang beaded gown. A pink 1992 Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle from the Hall of Fame exhibit is also included in the sale. (

Bidding is simple and is done by logging onto All items are up for auction for seven days and all bids start at $1 with no reserve. Worldwide delivery is available.

Some of the items from the Hall of Fame exhibit included in the auction:

Jacket from Delta Dawn ensemble. Embellished by Tucker and worn on her first date. 1970’s.

Jacket from Delta Dawn ensemble. Embellished by Tucker and worn on her first date. 1970’s.


Azzedine Alaïa black leather bustier and fringed mini skirt.

Azzedine Alaïa black leather bustier and fringed mini skirt.

Fernando Wong Couture beaded, fringed gown.

Fernando Wong Couture beaded, fringed gown.


Vintage Nudie suit custom designed for Tucker. 1975.

Vintage Nudie suit custom designed for Tucker. 1975.

1992 Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle.

1992 Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle.


About Tanya Tucker:

In 1974, Rolling Stone ran a cover story on Tanya Tucker with the headline that said “You’re Gonna Hear From Me.” Truer words have never been spoken. For four decades, her sultry voice and vivacious stage presence has helped to make her one of the most admired and respected female vocalists in the Country Music genre. Tanya’s reign includes 23 Top 40 albums and a string of 56 Top 40 singles, 10 of which reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts. Along the way, she has provided some of the biggest country music hits of each decade, including, “Blood Red and Goin’ Down,” “Would you Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)” and “Texas (When I Die),” just to name a few. Tucker is also the recipient of numerous awards, including two CMAs, two ACMs, and three CMT awards. For more information, visit


About EBTH:

EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE (EBTH) is a revolutionary online marketplace that provides the reach and convenience of an e-commerce platform for estate sales around the world. As a full-service provider, EBTH helps sellers maximize the value of their collections by handling every aspect of the sale from photography and cataloging to payment and delivery. Through its marketplace, EBTH also allows collectors and buyers to discover everything from rare antiques and original art to great deals on everyday needs. With more than 220 estate sales a month and all items starting at just $1, bidders from across the world always have something new to discover at


About Sweet Relief Musicians Fund:

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians, crews, venue workers & their families who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. For more information, visit



For and Sweet Relief Musicans Fund:

Ronna Rubin/Rubin Media, 615-298-4400,

For Tanya Tucker:

Scott Adkins/Webster PR, 615-777-6995,

June 2, 2016:

RECOVERED: A Night of Sweet Relief July 12th at Knitting Factory Brooklyn

RECOVERED: A Night of Sweet Relief

July 12th at Knitting Factory Brooklyn


Sweet Relief Musicians Fund has partnered up with the iconic Knitting Factory in Brooklyn to bring you the second installment of last year’s highly revered RECOVERED concert series.

Brainchild of Talent Buyer, Richard Sloven, RECOVERED features a collection of today’s buzz-bands paying homage to the great influencers by reimagining their classic records, start to finish.

            Beach Slang perform “Pleased to Meet Me” by The Replacements

The Can’t Tells perform “Doolittle” by Pixies

Gambles perform “Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea” by PJ Harvey

There will be a silent auction held comprised of items and experiences donated by the local and international community of music lovers.

This benefit show marks the launch of an incredibly philanthropic initiative wherein Knitting Factory will donate a portion of each ticket sold to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to benefit musicians, crews, venue workers and their families who are in need due to injury, illness and disability.

One of only a few stalwart promotions companies, Knitting Factory Presents has achieved an enormity of success by virtue of its talent, integrity and devotion to the art of music, while maintaining an unwaveringly independent spirit.  Giving back to the musical community in this way is demonstrative of the organization’s values and should act as beacon of inspiration for other enterprises.

“Knitting Factory is honored to be a part of these fantastic shows and to be supporting the worthy efforts of Sweet Relief,” said Knitting Factory Presents president Mark Dinerstein, adding “We feel it is our duty to help those members in our community who are in need of support.”

We are beyond grateful to Mark Dinerstein and the Knitting Factory family for this unprecedented act of generosity that will enable Sweet Relief to substantially broaden the scope of those we serve.

Facebook Event Page 


May 18, 2016:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Support Sweet Relief


Sweet Relief have launched another killer campaign with our partners at Crowdrise for the mighty Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!

This time we are bringing you an exclusive opportunity to hang out with the band on their recently announced N. American tour that everyone’s buzzing about. Death From Above and Deap Valley round out the bill, making this the must see show for the Fall of 2016!

When you buy tickets here you will see a letter from the band offering you the chance to donate-to-win one of 3 pairs for every show, for this intimate backstage experience with BRMC after the show.”

May 4, 2016:

Win Lollapalooza Tickets 2016!!


Miss out on tickets to Lollapalooza this year???

Well not to worry! We’ve teamed up with Lollapalooza and the good guys at to give you the opportunity to rock it out in style!

Lollapalooza and the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund are giving you the chance to win 4 day passes to the SOLD OUT 25th Anniversary Edition of Lollapalooza in Chicago!

PLUS – one lucky winner will receive a signed Fender Telecaster from legendary superstars, Radiohead. There are VIP upgrades plus much more on offer. All you have to do is donate $10 or more for each entry.

This year’s line up includes Radiohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Major Lazer, Disclosure, Ellie Goulding, Jane’s Addiction, Future and so many more. Check out the full line up here.


We can’t wait to be sending out the lucky winners this amazing prize package. This is one massive 4-day event that is going to be insane! Please feel free to reach out with any questions and thank you for being a part of our solution.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our friends at Lollapalooza for making this very special competition happen, supporting the many ill and disabled career musicians in need, through our work here at Sweet Relief. Also a special thanks to Shaun David Barker and the team at TPH Media for donating their time and skills to get behind this one.

March 23, 2016:

Vans Warped Tour To Support Sweet Relief


Hello Sweet Relief Supporters!

Are you excited about Vans Warped Tour this summer? We sure are, and now that tickets are officially on sale we have a special treat for all of you Warped fans out there.

Via our partnership with Vans Warped Tour and CrowdRise, some lucky fans are going to win the ultimate Warped Tour experience!

For every Vans Warped Tour show we’re giving 1 fan and a guest VIP tickets to enjoy the meal of a lifetime in the notorious Warped Tour catering tent, where you could meet your favorite Warped Tour bands, plus you’ll have exclusive access to watch your favorite artists from the stage!

You can buy your tickets HERE and once you have completed the transaction you will be presented with the opportunity to donate to win. Every $10 donation equals one entry, so the more you donate the better your chances of winning!

You can also enter via our buddies at CrowdRise if you already have tickets.

We are so thrilled and grateful to the amazing folks at Vans Warped Tour and CrowdRise who have teamed up to help us raise funds for ill and disabled musicians across the country, and we can’t wait to see the winners having the times of their lives at the shows.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and thank you for being a part of our solution.


March 10, 2016:

Shop With Our Merchant Partners To Support Sweet Relief

Merchant Partners Logo

You can support Sweet Relief by shopping with us online!

Thanks to Flipcause, we now have partnerships with over 250 online retailers like Target, Nordstrom and Expedia. Any time you shop with these online retailers, we receive a contribution on your behalf!  Just click on the button below, and choose one of the many online merchant partners to shop from.  After you make a purchase, up to 20% of that sale goes directly to us. There is no signing up for accounts or downloading software. Now making a contribution to our organization is easier and simpler than ever!

Flipcause has recently extended their partnerships to include: Groupon, American Apparel, Eddie Bauer, Fandango, PetCo, Travelocity, Sports Authority and over 60 more!

Shop Now

Amazon has decided to consolidate its charitable arm to focus entirely on Amazon Smile. This means that the current Merchant Partner program with Amazon and Flipcause will end on March 31, 2016.

However, you can still use Amazon Smile to support Sweet Relief

As you buy gifts for family and friends, use Amazon Smile to help give back to those in need.
How to Give:
1) Go to and then sign in
using your Amazon account information.
2) When it asks you to Select a Charitable Organization to Start Shopping,
type in Sweet Relief Musicians Fund under pick your own charitable organization.
3) Select Sweet Relief Musicians Fund from the list
4) Go to each time you shop
Every time you make an eligible purchase, Amazon will donate .05% of your purchase to Sweet Relief!
March 4, 2016:

I Heart Brett at Lavagna – 2016

2016 Lavagna Brett Kilroe

Lavagna restaurant has generously offered to host I Heart Brett every last Monday of the month. In doing so, Lavagna will donate 100% of food and drink sales to anyone making a reservation and referencing code: BRETT2016.

Musician Brett Kilroe is currently fighting Stage IV colorectal cancer. The passing of time has drained Brett’s savings and the pool of initial funds that were raised—and, to his chagrin, his ability to work is limited. Unfortunately, none of the treatment for his side effects are covered under his current health plan. While grateful for every bit of treatment health insurance has covered, and the extraordinary generosity of his closest family members, his need for care is ongoing.

Make your reservation today!


545 East 5th Street
New York, NY 10009
PH: (212)-979-1005 or email
Read more about the Brett Kilroe Fund
Buy the I Love BK record HERE
February 26, 2016:

“All The WOO In The World” – A Celebration/Fundraiser for Bernie Worrell

Bernie Worrell Concert

As many of you may already know, musical prodigy Bernie Worrell of Parliament-Funkadelic is currently fighting stage-four lung cancer. On April 4th, 2016 Webster Hall in New York will hold “All The WOO In The World” – A Celebration/Fundraiser for Bernie Worrell.


Featuring Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Living Colour, Leo Nocentelli, Bill Lazwell, Jerry Harrison, Rick Springfield, Paul Shaffer and The World’s Most Dangerous Band featuring Felicia Collins & Will Lee, David Fuiczynski & Freedom Imani with Screaming Headless Torso & The WOO Warriors, Black Rock Orchestra, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash. Film star Meryl Streep and director Jonathan Demme who (along with Springfield) worked with Worrell on the film Ricki And The Flash are also on the bill (lineup subject to change).

Bernie’s a wonderful person and wonderful musician,” Tony Pallagrosi, an adviser on the show, told Asbury Park Press.He brought the Moog synthesizer into the world of funk.”

Come out and join us for an all-star event to raise funds for Bernie Worrell as he fights against cancer! If you can’t make it, please donate to th Bernie Worrell Fund:


Original Source

February 17, 2016:

Matthew Leone Discusses Sweet Relief with PledgeMusic

Matthew Leone Discusses Sweet Relief with PledgeMusic

Matthew Leone

Our own Matthew Leone spoke to PledgeMusic on the incredible impact that Sweet Relief has made in his life and in the lives of others.

“Sweet Relief Provides Lifeline for Musicians in Need”

Matthew Leone of Madina Lake speaks passionately about the important work of Sweet Relief because he’s experienced it firsthand. After a tragic incident put him in a coma, Matthew says Sweet Relief became a literal lifeline in several ways as his artistic lifestyle kept him from being able to afford health insurance. We recently asked Matthew about Sweet Relief’s work in his own life, the plight of the poor artist and how we can all get involved.

Sometimes the best way to hear about a charitable organization is not to ask its mission statement or values or even statistics but to ask the person why they are involved personally. So I’d love to start there. Where does your passion for the work of Sweet Relief come from?

While ‘passion’ is an inextricable motivating factor inspiring me to do this work, it’s only part of a bigger circumstance that compels me to do it.

I spent 2005 through 2010 touring the world with my band Madina Lake, nonstop. It was the exact opposite of glamour — decadence, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll — that common perception dictates. It was constant, hard blue-collar work in a nomadic atmosphere, devoid of home, family, friends and comfort. For over 90% of touring musicians, it’s the lowest paying job you can do. Health insurance is at the bottom of the “Luxuries” list.

In the summer of 2010 in Chicago, while on break to write an EP for Pledgemusic, I was the last to leave a writing session at my brother Nathan’s loft. Two steps out of his building I heard a gut-wrenching scream for help. I chased the voice across the street and vaguely saw her a block down the dim-lit street, soaked in blood, pinned down by her 6 ft.-plus, muscular husband, while he strangled and punched her. I sprinted, gathering speed for momentum — Clocking in at 5’6″, I exercise my right not to exercise. I needed the edge here — and barreled into the assailant.

I managed to rescue her, but in the process, I was put into a coma for five days and woke up with one-third of my skull removed. When Sweet Relief Musicians Fund found out about it, they immediately leaped into action. They set up a fundraising hub and spread the news pervasively, optimizing the generous donations from the most loving souls in the world. What they did next is what blew my mind.

After multiple brain surgeries and a year of physical rehabilitation, they kept an open line of communication with me throughout my whole recovery. They negotiated my medical bills down, oversaw my financial assistance options and made sure that I had everything I needed to regenerate my brain, enabling a highly unlikely but full recovery.

That’s an amazing story. It’s also sad to hear that benefits are so hard to come by.

The vast majority of musicians have no health insurance because they can’t afford it. Even the bands signed to a major label, with a single climbing the radio charts, video bangin’ on TV, selling out 2,500 cap rooms in some territories. We had all of that, and we were broke the whole time.

I represent the perfect example of this plight. Everybody loves music and the experience of live music, but people don’t realize the reality behind the performance that you and your friends will remember forever. Now more than ever, our musicians and their crews, venue workers, families need our help.

Since we don’t realize the reality, can you educate us a bit more? What else would you want people to know?

The economics of a career musician is very polarized, and the population is devoid of a middle class. The top-tiered artists generate big salaries, but the other 99% largely live on a minimum wage or less. When your financial circumstances, provided you can remain touring, force you to decide between paying a cell phone or heating bill, health insurance doesn’t make the cut. This is compounded by America’s award-winningly disastrous and egregiously over-priced healthcare system, effectively rendering it an unrealistic luxury.

I realize that being a career musician is a personal choice that artists choose to make, but until the mechanics of the music business are resolved, our favorite bands are suffering, sacrificing and living a high-risk lifestyle to share their art with the world. Personally, I don’t think artists should be dissuaded from pursuing their passion because of flawed system failing them, though that’s drifting from the point.

It’s understandable now why you’re so passionate about Sweet Relief.

What happened to me exemplifies the severity of this plight and perfectly highlights the mission of Sweet Relief. I will forever be humbled and grateful for the gift bestowed upon me when I was lying in that hospital bed. Had it not been for the unspeakably generous and philanthropic actions of those who, so much as sent a loving thought my way, I don’t think I would have survived my situation. Sweet Relief was at the helm, through it all.

I will spend the rest of my life doing what I can to ensure that our artists, crews, venue workers and their families get what they need. If we are successful, then music lovers will continue to get music and see live performances. The hardest challenge of what we do is impressing upon people that there is a major plight facing musicians,and musical people, that threatens the sustainability of the art.

I completely understand how people can think that this struggle isn’t something that they should be asked to subsidize. I would plead with them to recognize that today’s world has made the beautiful gift of music a free commodity for consumers, at the expense of those who create it. Until a sufficient method is devised and deployed to rectify this, we humbly ask for your help to keep such a wonderful entity alive for the world to enjoy.

Original Source

January 25, 2016:

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund Asks For Supporters To Contribute To Victoria Williams’ Medical Expenses

A Light That Shines So Sweetly
Victoria Williams is a well-known artist who has played all around the world on stages ranging from New York’s Beacon Theater to The Bottom Line, to the Folies Bergere with Randy Newman in Paris, and from festival stages to country dive-bars both as a solo artist and with her band The Loose Band and later the Harmony Ridge Creek-Dippers. She has worked with Lou Reed, Peter Case, Neil Young, Gus VanSant, D.A. Pennebaker, Mark Olson, Pearl Jam, Maria McKee, Rickie Lee Jones and many other music and film luminaries.
Victoria is also well known to the Sweet Relief family. In 1993 Vic was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Because she didn’t have health insurance at the time, a great group of musicians got together and made the album Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams, to raise monies for her medical costs. With the funds remaining Victoria created the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund for the benefit of other musicians.
She has made 14 records herself, as well as on many other artists recordings. She has starred in motion pictures and documentaries, and has charmed and entertained music lovers wherever she has gone for almost four decades.  Her list of collaborators and associates is a treasure-trove of some of the world’s finest artists and filmmakers.
Victoria has dedicated her life to sharing her love of music and her particular brand of storytelling with anyone who has ears to hear. She has played countless fund-raising events over the years for the benefit others.
Now Victoria Williams needs some help from us. In mid-December 2015, Vic had a seizure and injured her back and fractured her shoulder.
With rest, appropriate medical care, and physical therapy, she is expected to fully recover. Her medical insurance will not be covering these costs. Also, the amount of time her healing requires is going to keep her from working for a while. Any time off for a working musician is a financial hardship and the longer it takes, the larger the bills.
She will also be requiring paid assistance around the house while she convalesces. With our help, it shouldn’t be long before she is able to pick up her banjo or Stratocaster again.
Please help us spread the word and please help Victoria by donating today. Let’s get this songbird back up flying again where she belongs.
“The only artist I personally know that can break my heart and heal it back better than it was within the space of a song.” – Bingo Richey
Rob Max, Executive Director
January 25, 2016:

Sweet Relief’s Most Eclectic Playlist Ever #9 Jan 18-Jan 24 2016


It’s the start of a new week, which means Sweet Relief’s Most Eclectic Playlist Ever #9 Jan 18-Jan 24 2016 is now up on Spotify! Stay connected with Sweet Relief through the medium we love most: music.

Listen here

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December 21, 2015:

Sweet Relief’s Most Eclectic Playlist Ever #4


Sweet Relief’s Most Eclectic Playlist Ever #4 Dec 14- Dec 20 2015 is now up on Spotify! Stay connected with Sweet Relief through the medium we love most: music.

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December 16, 2015:

Sweet Relief on Spotify


Here’s a new, unique way to stay connected to Sweet Relief! Each week we will put up a new playlist from the music we listen to in the office on Spotify called, Sweet Relief’s Most Eclectic Playlist Ever! From classic 70’s rock, to Blues from the 20’s, 90’s underground hip-hop, inde-rock and hard-hitting dubstep, our playlist has it all! Discover new artists and stay connected with Sweet Relief through the medium we love most: music.

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