Coachella Valley Musicians Fund

Name of Cause: Coachella Valley Musicians Fund
Started By: Sweet Relief & Coachella
Who it Benefits: Musicians in Need
Purpose: Raise contributions to assist ill, disabled and elder career musicians living and working in the Coachella Valley area.

Brian O’Connor Fund

Name of Cause: Brian O'Connor Fund
Purpose: To help Brian O'Connor with urgent expenses.

Rebecca Simone/Betty Power Fund

Name of Cause: Rebecca Simone / Betty Power Fund
Started By: Sweet Relief
Who it Benefits: Rebecca Simone
Purpose: Physical, Emotional and Cognitive deficit

Jesse Farner Fund

Name of Cause: Jesse Farner Fund
Started By: The Farner Family & Sweet Relief
Who it Benefits: Jesse Farner Medical Expenses

Stanley Bronstein Fund

Name of Cause: Stanley Bronstein Fund
Who it Benefits: Stanley Bronstein
Purpose: To assist with medical bills and living expenses

Music Compilation III

Name of Cause: Sweet Relief Music Compilation III
Who it Benefits: Ill, Disabled and elder musicians in need

Lester Chambers Fund

Name of Cause: Lester Chambers Fund
Purpose: To assist Lester with medical bills and urgent living expenses.
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