The Basics

Name of Cause: Alex & Meg Wedding
Who it Benefits: The Music Cancer Fund

The Details

Alex & Meg Wedding

We are honored to have been working with Alex Levy and BestFest over the past two years.  They have raised over $200,000 to assist musicians and music industry workers facing severe illness and disability.

Alex & Meg have extended their incredible generosity by asking their wedding guests to donate to our Music Cancer Fund @SweetRelief in lieu of gifts. We are extremely grateful.

Here is how you can be part of this generous request.


To donate online with a credit card visit

1.Choose your contribution level


2.Choose “on behalf of” from the Dedication Section

3.Enter Alex & Meg in Name box

4.Enter a message for Alex & Meg in “Name of Person & mailing address” box

We will pass on your contribution info and messages.  If you wish to do this anonymously choose the privacy option




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Name: [  Alex & Meg ]


[ ]   

Name of Person
& Mailing address:

Wishing you much happiness and success

Your Friend,

Robert Zimmerman ]


To donate by check write:
The Musicians Cancer Fund at Sweet Relief


Mail to:
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
2601 East Chapman Ave., Suite 204
Fullerton, CA 92831


Note on check: In honor of Alex & Meg



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