40 Year Music Industry Veteran in Need

Dear Friends of Music and Members of the Music Industry,

We are seeking to assist a veteran of the music industry facing severe health and wellness issues. This individual has an ongoing small income opportunity that a public charitable fund might jeopardize.

We are hoping that with our reputation and some other testimonials from those in the music industry, you might take a leap of faith and charity with us. We seek to raise $20,000 by the end of this year. The contributions raised will be used for emergency medical treatment and post care follow up not covered by any state or federal programs.

Thank you

Rob Max – Executive Director

“This candidate for a grant from Sweet Relief has been one of the most important chroniclers and researchers of American music in the post-war era. His books and international radio broadcasts have provided deep insight not only into the music but into countless aspects of social history—including race relations, marketing and markets, and the cross-pollination of musical genres. His efforts have contributed to the artistic and commercial success of the American industry, as well as to the success of individual artists whose work is known through his efforts. His writing and broadcasting is distinguished by a scholarly breadth of knowledge across many fields and his gift as a communicator is his ability to synthesize that knowledge and make it available to every interested reader or listener.” – Terry Byrnes – Professor at Sir George Williams College at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

“I have known this person as a colleague and occasional employee for more than 40 years. He has always devoted his life to music. When we both worked for the same music magazine together, I realized that his reviews and essays often brought comfort to unknown bands. He was an advocate for anyone seeking to maintain superior artistic presentation. His high standards stemmed from a passionate love of music – all music, any time.” – Jon Carroll – San Francisco Chronicle columnist

“Our beneficiary is a music journalist of nearly 50 years’ standing, whose work has been an inspiration to me as both a musician and a journalist. I came up in that time when music was the center of the culture, and when thoughtful reviews and revealing interviews helped us to understand what was going on. This guy was one of the most passionate and informative. Life has changed dramatically in the music business and in the journalism business, and (as they say) content is no longer king. So content creators are struggling. I want us to help this fine man today because he has helped us so much in the past.”David Gans – Musician/Author/Radio Producer

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