DATE SOLD: 08-25-2015

Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs’ Peter Hayes Stage Used Guitar Plus Vinyl

Winning Bid: $8277

You will receive a stage used WFM Mitchell Acoustic Guitar in Black from Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs’ Peter Hayes! You will also receive a signed vinyl copy of HOWL.

Peter Hayes’ Black WFM Mitchell Acoustic Guitar was used on the HOWL Recording Session. Certain early BRMC songs were also written on this particular guitar including ‘Evol’, ‘At My Door’, and ‘Sulk’. This guitar comes complete with the original harmonica holder, capo, 1 slide, and 3 harmonica’s, as well as the notes on the ‘Ain’t No Easy Way’ tuning.


Donated by: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Winning Bid: $8,277

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