Emergency Aid Benefit for Antifolk Founder Lach


Generally regarded at the founder of the music genre Antifolk, singer/songwriter, Lach, also created The Antihoot at Sidewalk (NYC’s longest-running open mic), inspired the annual Antifolk Fest, wrote hundreds of unforgettable songs, created a brand-new music scene, and nurtured, supported, and inspired two generations of singer/songwriters. He now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland where he writes and records a series for BBC Radio 4 as well as performing in the UK and working as a creative director during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Lach’s wife of twenty years, Anu, is undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments for metastatic breast cancer. In order to provide the full-time care needed for Anu and their eleven year-old son, Henry, Lach is currently unable to pursue his writing, recording, performance and touring careers, which are the family’s sole source of income. Funds raised in association with Sweet Relief through this website will be used to provide emergency direct assistance to Lach and his family

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