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Emily Carmen is an accomplished professional studio musician electric violinist, composer, lyricists and producer in the music and entertainment industry. Emily is not only a teacher and mentor in her free time to young musicians, but she’s also the creator, director and teacher of the music program at The Digital Arts Experience school in Westchester County New York. She also is in the process of creating Em C Entertainment, a specialized music label and production company dedicated to helping young musicians of all ages in making their music careers come true in a safe and welcoming creative environment. She also currently works on the new Dora the Explorer series with composer Steve Sandberg. When Emily isn’t teaching/mentoring, working on a hit children’s television program or recording/performing with major performing artists, you can find her singing and playing electric violin and guitar in her grunge punk duo The Noisy Tenants. From working with top performing artists and composers worldwide, to working side by side with major producers, editors and directors, Emily has the natural born talent and unique strength that make her an asset to the industry.


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