Erika Hoffner Memorial Fund

Erika Nicole Hoffner was a passionate, artistic, and captivating daughter, friend, niece, cousin, co-worker, and collaborator. She lived life on her terms and derived much pleasure from the connections and friendships she made in the music industry among artists doing the same. She was devoted to promoting and encouraging Indy and House artists through writing evocative and discriminating reviews of new works, conducting interviews of up-and- coming artists, and through offering her skills in graphic design to those unable to afford the album covers and digital designs needed for their product. It was among her greatest joys to watch a musician gain a greater measure of fame through her efforts. 

Erika passed away on May 17, 2017. Her family and friends are bereft and lost without her laugh, her wit, and her beautiful reflections on the crazy mess of each other and of this life. We seek a way for the light, the song and the beat she put in our hearts to spread beyond and touch people she never had a chance to meet and love.  

Donations to Sweet Relief will honor her, and will help her spirit live on in the work they do. Your tax deductible support will ease the burdens on artists who have devoted their lives to bringing us the beauty of fresh, original music. In the name of one whose originality will resonate in our hearts forever. 

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