Sweet Relief at High & Low Festival

Date: 9/9/17
Time: 1:00
Location: The NOS Events Center map
Description: Sweet Relief will be at this year’s High & Low Festival! We will be there spreading the word about Sweet Relief, and selling biodegradable, one-time use phone chargers to raise funds for musicians in need.

The Details

Sweet Relief will be at this year’s High & Low Festival!  We will be there spreading the word about Sweet Relief, and selling biodegradable, one-time use phone chargers to raise funds for musicians in need. 

Come see Brand NewDeath Cab for CutieTegan and SaraAndrew McMahon in the Wilderness & many more. Check out the newly announced headliners for the The Hard Times comedy stage.

We need volunteers for this event! It will be a great opportunity to learn about what we do, and how we do it!

If you’d like to be a part of our team for the day, please email tatiana@sweetrelief.org


Tickets on sale herehttps://www.highandlowfest.com/

Location: The NOS Events Center

A legendary events ground that has a notable history with some of the greatest artists in the world. The NOS Events Center is sprawled over 120 acres in San Bernardino, CA. It has played refuge to some of the greatest live music events in So Cal with its engaging past. Being a main stay venue for a wide variety of events including multicultural, community and fundraising,  it is a true partner to the community, and we are lucky to have such a rad place to call High & Low home to. 

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