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A pioneer of modern electric blues from Chicago, Harvey “the Snake” Mandel is considered by critics to be one of the best – “a hugely influential giant of instrumental rock” and “the best known in pop guitar.” Cited as a major influence by many of today’s superstars!

Mandel was one of the first rock guitarists to employ the two-handed fret board tapping technique, years before Eddie Van Halen and Stanley Jordan came along. The King of Sustain – Mandel is recognized internationally as a major influence in music and technique. Harvey2

Numerous solo albums, joined Canned Heat at Woodstock, John Mayall and The Blues Breakers and recording with The Rolling Stones, “Black & Blue” album – cemented Mandel’s legacy as a cult hero. He has contributed to television and movie soundtracks and was recently a featured star of the movie documentary “Born in Chicago”. Mandel continues to do world tours and records with Canned Heat, Chicago Blues Reunion, and Harvey Mandel and the Snake Crew.

Harvey Mandel is always distinctive, performing around the globe and captivating audiences with his ripping electronic guitar style.

Harvey’s Story
Around the beginning of the summer of 2013 Harvey noticed his nose start to swell quite a bit and become misshapen. Subtle changes started over two years ago and he went to see the doctor. After numerous tests and biopsies he was diagnosed with an invasive form of cancer inside his nose: squamous cell carcinoma.

Harvey has been battling cancer and has had 25 surgeries over a 23 month period not covered by insurance. He desperately needs financial support on every level. His normal mode for earning money is primarily as a touring musician. With monthly surgeries and office procedures, touring has been impossible. Please help us in our effort to raise funds for basic living expenses for Harvey while he continues to undergo treatment.

Let’s get Harvey back to doing what he loves the most…playing guitar! www.helpharveymandel.com 

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