Herman Wilson Fund

September 2017- UPDATE:

Herman Wilson has made tremendous progress! Currently he is on a treatment plan taking Rituxan, this is an IV treatment that stops the immune system which slows the process of MS. After starting this new treatment, Herman is back to playing music confidently and comfortably. His treatment plan, paired with his resilient and positive attitude has allowed him to play shows with his band Suspects of Soul. “I feel like I have more energy, and I am more inspired. I don’t want to give that up,” Herman said. 

If you’d like to watch Herman play live you can click HERE, and HERE

Herman was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost 3 decades ago. The progression of his disease has been slow and insidious. Although it has become increasingly difficult for him to walk and his fine motor control is very limited, Herman still manages to play the saxophone, and because he has extensive experience in music, he is able to compensate for his increasing limitations. The non-FDA approved medications offered to Herman have proven to be intolerable, with miserable side-effects that far outweigh any value the medications might have had. For that reason, he has chosen a more natural way of eating.

A recent visit to a functional medicine doctor in San Francisco revealed high mercury levels, several vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and dysbiosis (infection) in the gut. The doctor also discovered food allergies that he did not know about and had been regularly consuming. As a result, Herman decided to use a more non-traditional treatment approach to his illness and is planning to begin hyperbaric oxygen treatments for his MS. Available research supports this method of treatment as being helpful for MS patients but insurance plans do not cover this type of procedure.  All donations will go towards this type of treatment for Herman.

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