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Andrew Hozier-Byrne, commonly known as Hozier, is an award winning singer/songwriter from County Wicklow, Ireland. He grew up in the Irish countryside, immersed in American blues.

Hozier taught himself guitar and has been singing since he was a child. When he left Trinity College to write songs, he did not foresee his rise to mainstream recognition. He collaborated with other local musicians and played the local music scene prior to the release of his first EP. He has recently been called “the nicest man in music,” and has often humbly stated that he just feels fortunate that people feel a connection with his music.
He has a strong voice for equality and speaks up for other important causes. hozier3

His father was a drummer in blues-rock bands and owned a vast collection of music. Hozier loves and is heavily influenced by Muddy Waters, Nina Simone, Robert Johnson, Skip James, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, and Otis Redding, among others.
At New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2015, he was elated to share a stage and collaborate on ‘Illinois Blues’ with blues/roots/country/rock musician Alvin Youngblood Hart. Hozier beamed as he declared he “approximated the style of Alvin Youngblood Hart every night of this tour.”
Hozier’s music and performing style could be described as sometimes haunting or soothing, sometimes upbeat and electrifying, but always soul-stirring.

Photo by Austen Maddox

Photo by Austen Maddox

Because of the devotion born of the powerful effects of his music, Hozier’s fans started banding together in November 2014 to form Hozier 24/7, a connection that spreads over several social media platforms and quite often spills over into live Hozier events.

We wanted a meaningful way to express our great affection for him on his birthday (which naturally falls on Saint Patrick’s Day) and were very fortunate that Sweet Relief was there to help us to be a small but dedicated force for good for the music world in honor of this life-changing artist.

His strong blues influence plus his Irish roots and vernacular have blended together beautifully to result in magic. This is our humble way to express our gratitude to blues artists for helping to give us Hozier, and to Hozier for providently taking us back to the roots of the music we love.


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