In Honor of Thomas Newman

The three things I love most in life are my family, music, and running. In November of 2010, a large piece of one of these things was taken from me when I lost my father, Thomas Newman, who succumbed to the ravages of cancer. He was a wonderfully caring, funny, and intelligent man who made his family his first priority. He loved my mom and my brother and I unconditionally and made us his life’s work. It is my dad that fostered my passion for music. He bought me my first electric guitar at the age of 12 and, musician himself, taught me the basics. He loved the blues and when I was growing up he could often be found in the garage on Sunday nights, recording an AM radio blues show that played his favorites…Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, Dr. John, and the list goes on. Sometimes he’d even play along with his harmonica. My dad always supported me and my love for rock and heavy metal music, and sometimes even asked for cassettes copies for himself. I never forgot that. He never judged or gave me the “kids these days” line, he just supported me.

In addition to my love of music, as crazy as he thought I was, he always supported my love for running. Rain or shine, I’d be out there pounding the pavement and if it rained he come follow me in his truck making sure I was OK. No matter how far I ran, he’d cruise right along side of me until I waved him off and told him I’d be alright. Everyday he’d ask, ‘how far today, kid?” and he’d shake his head and say his to our neighbor, “how bout that, huh? My daughter.”

My dad always told me that I was one of the lucky ones that actually found something in life that I could be passionate about and that I was able to use it as an outlet. Because I am so lucky, I decide to honor my dad’s memory with two of my passions. I do so by running…running marathons and ultra-marathons. 26.2 miles and more.  I not only run in his name but in support of the Sweet Relief cause, and in past marathons, the Brian O’Connor Fund. I support Sweet Relief and the work that they do with musicians and I know that my father would have too.

I choose to run for Sweet Relief because of my love for music, and my support of the people that create it. If you would like to help honor my father with a donation, please do.  Every little bit counts.

Thank you all, from me, everyone that loved my dad, and all the musicians that need your help.

-Tracey Newman

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