Local Heroes Fund

The Music Cancer Fund at Sweet Relief is teaming up with local and regional artists to assist those facing severe illness and disability. Local Heroes helping local music people in need. 

This program is being spearheaded by Jay Corliss, a phenomenal young individual who has overcome her own disabilities to help others. Jay has battled cerebral palsy her entire life and has continued to look past her disability to try to make a difference in other people’s lives. Sweet Relief met Jay at SXSW five years ago when she was starting college. We were so impressed with her spirit and compassion that we’ve kept in touch all these years while she has offered amazing volunteer efforts. 

We are honored to have Jay leading this program out of her hometown of Minneapolis, MN. 

In times of disaster or personal tragedy, musicians are truly first responders. Sweet Relief is grateful to all of the artists around the country participating in this program.

Ways to Participate 

  • Designate a show as a charity event
  • Designate a portion of proceeds from an event 
  • Post on your website a donation link to the Local Heroes program
  • Share about Local Heroes through social media and email letters to your fanbase
  • Donate items for auction    


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