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Join us along with friends and loved-ones of singer/songwriter Melissa Crabtree to help in her fight against Lyme Disease.

Those close to Melissa know her normally hard-working, river-running, song-belting ways have been repeatedly disrupted by various serious health concerns. Too often, Lyme Disease infiltrates a person’s life so thoroughly but so sneakily that it is called the Great Imitator. It attacks organs, bodily systems, joints, tendons, and the autonomic nervous system randomly. Lyme and the associated co-infections also seriously compromise cognitive function. Too often, by the time a person receives a diagnosis, the disease has gutted the person’s life physically, emotionally, financially, and vocationally. Such is the case with Melissa.

As it unfortunately goes with this progressive disease, her symptoms are now becoming more acute, and more debilitating and exhausting. While this news is intense to integrate for those of us who know the serious and terrible nature of Lyme Disease, we think it’s important to realize that this diagnosis points to a MAJOR turning point toward healing in Melissa’s life, because now we know what to focus on! We want to invite all of you who love her and care about her to rally toward her healing and the reparation of her life.



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Many questions about Lyme Disease can be answered in this in depth documentary called “Under Our Skin.

You can also check out this very helpful and thorough explanation from the foremost expert on Lyme, Dr. Horowitz, HERE.

More about Melissa and her music:

Listen now to all of Melissa’s more recent release The Day I Fell in the Water (and a couple more from the album 2 Places).


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