The Music Cancer Fund

The Music Cancer Fund @SweetRelief was developed to offer support and resources to musicians and music venue/bar workers currently battling or recovering from all forms of cancer and other extremely debilitating illnesses and injuries.  The amount of assistance required is often significant and well beyond the level of most requests for help.

  • Specific program resources and assistance grants
  • The Music Cancer Fund works with musicians, stage crew, sound engineers, bartenders, servers, etc. their families, friends and music industry support to develop additional fundraising opportunities that will counteract the overwhelming financial demands of severe illness & disability  treatment and recovery.
  • Assistance is available to help individuals navigate the confusing benefit structure of health insurance or state/federal aid charity care.
  • Medical bill negotiation assistance
  • Resource and Referral networks – helping an artist reach all the avenues of support in their regional area and particular ailment.

The Music Cancer Fund has assisted some great American Icons, Artists,and hard working venue/bar staff during their difficult experiences battling cancer and other severe illness & disability.  We have also assisted hundreds of hard working regional musicians and music workers and continue to do so with your support and generosity.

Contact us today and tell us how you can help.

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