November 7, 2018:

Chris Corso – The Amateur

Chris Corso is generously donating half of all proceeds from downloads of his jazz documentary “the amateur” to Sweet Relief! 

The Amateur explores the quirky and often humorous journey of Chris Corso, who at 55 years old, decides to take jazz piano lessons, not in search of fame and fortune, but to “mine” the instrument for the truthful “vibrations” it has to offer. This journey includes mixing meditation and marijuana with his jazz experience. Synchronicity soon takes over to shepherd him on a magical musical journey.

View the trailer HERE!

“I’m extremely grateful for my experiences learning and playing jazz, though it came late in life, Starting jazz piano lessons at 55years old, has definitely helped in my ongoing focus to turn back the biological clock and to slow down the aging process. In December ill turn 74 and all is well, happy to report. Stay tuned for upcoming events and more videos” – Chris Corso


Mel & Rose celebrating 25th Anniversary and 22nd Champagne tasting event with Chris Corso, Andy Allen, Cengis Yaltkaya and Ken Warfield


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