April 30, 2019:

Fund Update: Buzzy Linhart

It is with mixed emotions that we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of William “Buzzy” Linhart’s debut album “buzzy” (re-issued as “Buzzy’s buzzy” by BuzzArt on Spotify & CD Baby). Produced by legendary producer Lou Reizner, fresh from his sessions producing Rod Stewart’s debut, “buzzy” provided a glimpse into both what Buzzy had been doing before 1968 as well as into what he would be doing over the following decade. Buzzy explores folk, blues, jazz, raga & psychedelia over 6 songs & 45 minutes as artists were wont to do at the time. This is an album by an artist who wasn’t afraid to challenge the listener, to take you on a journey that would provide great reward if you had the mettle to get to the finish line. Buzzy took chances, playing without a net, and that’s how great art is made.

The emotions are mixed because within the past year, Buzzy has been hospitalized three times with neurological symptoms and severe pain syndrome. He is currently in nursing respite care in Berkeley, CA and we know he would be thrilled if some new people were turned onto his music. If you give it a listen and want us to pass on a message to him, just reply to this email and we’ll take care of the rest. 

His journey has not been easy but with your help, we can keep him comfortable and in good hands.  If you wish to read more, or support, please follow the link below to the Buzzy Linhart Fund page.




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