August 11, 2019:

#SweetSupporter Tony Davia of Younger Hunger
Younger Hunger. Haunt pop’s up & coming band, distinguished Tik Tok-ers and self-declared forces of pure… evil? When the band isn’t plotting to destroy the world, they are writing and releasing hits like Straight Face, an ode to those who can make you smile from ear to ear, even when everything around you is bound to leave you feeling apathetic. We caught up with Younger Hunger’s frontman, Tony Davia, to pick his brain on their latest single, how he got involved with Sweet Relief, & an exciting development in the band’s near future. 

What was the inspiration behind your song Straight Face? 

Sometimes I find myself going through days or even weeks without smiling. This song is a tribute to people in life that change that. 

Where do you envision Younger Hunger going in the near future? 

We’re putting out our first EP by the end of the year — 6 new songs.

How did you get involved with Sweet Relief? Why do you think it’s important to support musicians in need?

I got involved with Sweet Relief years ago, before Younger Hunger. I met Bill [Sweet Relief’s president] through a mutual friend and immediately fell in love with what he was doing for the music community. I’ve seen firsthand how expensive getting sick can be, and the fact that Sweet Relief takes it upon itself to help alleviate some of that stress is truly amazing. 

Who makes you smile when you have a straight face? 

100% my three-legged cat, Moosh. He’s the light of my life. 
Big thanks to Tony for spending some time with us to catch up! Check out Younger Hungers latest single, Straight Face, out now. 
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