The Basics

Name of Cause: Jolie's Lupus Recovery Fund
Purpose: Raise funds to help support Jolie’s medical bills as well as provide her financial support for her basic living expenses until she hears if she will be granted Federal Disability in early 2014. All additional funds will be donated to LupusLA.

The Details

Jolie has been self-employed in the music industry for over 30 years, but for the past few years her health has deteriorated to the point where she has not been able to work.  With no health insurance and no work, she has been financially struggling and physically suffering.

Our goal is to raise enough money for Jolie to go to a medical treatment center in June for several months where she can be monitored by doctors and begin to regain her health.  In addition, we would also like to raise enough money to cover any additional medical expenses, legal fees, and also cover her basic living expenses for approximately one year while she waits to hear if she is granted Federal Disability by early 2014.

This is what Jolie wrote about her experience:

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Lupus by my HMO Doctor.  Lupus is an auto-immune disorder that has many complications and affects everything in your body – physically and mentally.  It is also difficult to diagnose because no two patients have the same symptoms as Lupus mimics many other diseases.  The Doctor said at the time that I had “Baby Lupus” and so I wasn’t referred to a specialist.  But eventually I became so ill that I couldn’t get out of bed.

I am fortunate to have worked as a freelancer in the music industry for over 30 years.  However, my poor health prevented me from leaving home most days.  I was also a Musician’s Union member from which I received health insurance.  However, around 2008 my inability to work ended that benefit, leaving me un-insured.

Chronically sick with Lupus, and lacking income and insurance, I started going to a government sponsored health care clinic.  After several months my Lupus was not only confirmed, but it had gotten worse. Lupus requires the attention of many specialists, including a Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist, Dermatologist, and more. Although I am very grateful for the care I get from the government system, the heavy workloads and inherent red tape delay the referrals to specialists that I so desperately need.

The passing of time has drained my savings.  I received State disability for almost a year, and in 2012 I filed for Federal Disability, but it was denied for lack of sufficient documentation at the time.  Working through the health care system, documentation is trickling in, and I am appealing the decision.  I won’t get a court date until the end of 2013.
For over 5 years I have been battling this disease without proper care and no way to earn a living.  I am truly grateful for any help I receive.

(Lupus has no cure, but can be managed with proper treatment and lifestyle changes.)

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