The Basics

Name of Cause: Ron Sarfaty
Purpose: To assist Ron Sarfaty with replacing his modified van, drivable from his electric wheelchair.

The Details

Ron Sarfaty was 33 years old when he suffered his first heart attack, then 2 years later he suffered another one. He continued working as an engineer, raising his family, and doing the things people do. He was at Disneyland the day before Father’s Day in 2004, when he had a massive stroke. Life changed. Ron has been in a wheelchair since, but he is a fiercely independent soul. He drives himself where he needs to be in his wheelchair adapted van; that is until March 23, 2013, when his van was totaled! He is devastated by the loss of independence in not being able to get himself where he needs to be. We are raising funds to help Ron replace his van, with the modifications necessary to drive from his electric wheelchair.

Ron refers to himself as “the guy in the wheel chair” who video tapes the singer-songwriters all over Los Angeles and the Western United States. Ron has been a major asset to the singer-songwriter community for more than 15 years. He started out digitally recording audio for performers at house concerts. He would take the recording, mix it, edit it, and then giving the recording to the artist(s) at no cost. 11 years ago he shifted into videography, video-taping the performers at their gigs and editing the videos for them, all for free. Never charging a dime. He has insurance for the van (it was 18 years old with 250,000 miles), but it is for current value only and not replacement value.

Ron has always been there for the music community (e.g. Wendy Waldman, Roz Larman, Dan Navarro, Tracy Newman, Salty Suites , Severin Browne, John Zipperer and Friends, Paul Zollo, Sandy Ross, Jeff Gold, and Gary Stockdale, to name just a few) for the love of the music and the people who make it. As a community we want to give back to Ron, by collecting donations and by putting on a benefit to help him replace his van; so the hosts (Lee Hirsch and Sandy Ross) put together a core group of some of his closest friends to make this happen. This group includes: Jaynee Thorne, Roz Larman, John & Julie Zipperer, Jeff Gold & Holly Goldsmith, and Russell & Julie Paris.

Please join us in leading a hand to this very kind and generous man.

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