Rebecca Simone/Betty Power Fund

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is partnering with Rebecca Simone’s family, friends and fellow members of the music industry to assist in raising funds for urgent medical expenses. Key organizers include; Al Cafaro, former CEO of A&M Records and Alex Vitoulis, Associate Chart Production Manager at Billboard Magazine.

In early 2006 Rebecca was preparing to release her debut album in conjunction with Metro Hybrid Recording and Sony RED distribution. On the evening of May 9th, she collapsed, lost consciousness and was rushed to the ER. She was diagnosed as having had a stroke, caused by a very rare degenerative disease called Moyamoya, which restricts blood flow to the brain.

Rebecca was left with a range of physical, emotional and cognitive deficits. She was partially paralyzed, unable to walk and, even more devastating for her, was left unable to write. She could not play any of her instruments and was told not to sing as it could cause another stroke. She had difficulties using and  understanding language. She has also been left with chronic pain from debilitating headaches.

In September of 2006 Rebecca underwent a thirteen hour brain surgery at UCLA Medical Center. The surgeon took an artery from Rebecca’s scalp, removed a section of her skull and laid the artery onto her brain.

Rebecca has suffered at least five more major strokes and countless TIAs (mini-strokes) since her surgery. This has worsened her condition and put her back in her recovery. She can no longer take care of her daily tasks and needs constant assistance from a caregiver.

Over the past four years, Rebecca has spent everything she has ever earned or saved paying for her own medical care. Her medical expenses are exorbitant, despite having had a full health insurance policy at the time of her illness.


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