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Alcohol and Drug Self-Tests

Alcohol and Drug Self Tests for College Students

This page of Fordham University's website has links to e-Toke, an online marijuana self-test and e-Chug, an online alcohol self-test. These tests are designed to help college students evaluate their marijuana and alcohol use and the effect it is having on their health and well-being. However, this online test can be used non-college students as well.

This test gives personalized results as to whether your drinking patterns are safe, risky or harmful.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Counter

This BAC calculator roughly estimates an individual's level of impairment based on the quantity and type of drinks, weight, and span of time.


The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has developed several tests to assess personal beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors towards alcohol and drugs, to determine addiction risk level, and to calculate how much money is being spent on drugs and alcohol monthly.

Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test - Geriatric Version

This self test, used to determine whether your level of alcohol use is safe or harmful, is geared specifically to older adults.
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