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Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer's Association

The Alzheimer's Association supports those in need of information, education, and support regarding Alzheimer's in a variety of ways, which includes a 24-hour hotline, local organizational chapters, a publication and free library access, online resources, an online community, conferences, and wanderer's security program, in addition to raising funds for research and advocacy.

The Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation

The Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation dedicates itself to finding the cause, the cure, and care improvement for individuals with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. They also offer online resources that provides information about Alzheimer's, as well as a newsletter, a magazine, and workshops. In addition, they run fundraising campaigns.

Canine Caregivers for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

From this article provides crucial information about how service dogs can provide relief for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients.
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