Resources in Sweet Releaf

Financial Assistance

Operation Helping HEAL

Operation Helping HEAL provides stop-gap assistance to veterans and service members who experience unforeseeable, temporary and undue hardship for reasons generally beyond their control.

The American Legion's Temporary Financial Assistance

Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) was established in the 1920s by The American Legion to keep children of deceased or disabled veterans at home rather than in institutions. This cash aid is still available for cases not covered by subsequent state and federal programs for the needy. The fund helps families meet the costs of shelter, food, utilities and health expenses when parents are unable.

Miracle Wings for Kids provides a helpful list of organizations to assist families with ill children who are struggling to pay medical finances. There are several non-profit organizations that offer “miracle wings”, meaning assistance with transportation for medical services, often at little or no cost to the family. Getting to a treatment facility many miles from home is often the biggest hurdle families face, and these organizations aim to help with this problem.
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