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Mental Health

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) services are available for soldiers, family members of active duty, DA Civilian employees, military retirees and their family members with alcohol and other drug-related problems. Services provided include individual couseling, group, family counseling, command consultation, outpatient counseling, arrangement for inpatient care and coordination with outside self-help groups. The site also explains eligibility, hours of duty during the program, and other programs.

The VA's Mental Health Services

VHA provides a variety of psychiatric services at medical centers and outpatient clinics. This site explains the services available for suicidal veterans, and those suffering from PTSD, substance abuse, and the difficulty transitioning after deployment.

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students provides an informative mental health resource guide for college students. The guide not only informs students about specific mental illnesses, but also provides tips and information on how to cope and maintain good mental health.

Top 5 Mental Health Problems Facing College Students

Take a deeper look into some of the most common issues, approaching each in terms of understanding symptoms, recognizing the signs of illness in yourself and others, and how to best get help. BestColleges provide a greater context to the mental health discussion, explaining student rights and common treatments

Rehab Guides for Addiction & Mental Health

American Addiction provides an in depth guide covering rehabilitation options for addicts as well and financial help and alternative treatment options.
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