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ASCAP offers its members emergency interest-bearing loans on royalties and advances based on earnings.

Blues Foundation HART Fund

The HART Fund (Handy Artists Relief Trust) provides financial assistance to Blues musicians in need (and their families) due to a broad range of health concerns. The Fund provides for acute, chronic and preventive medical and dental care as well as funeral expenses. Grants generally range between $250 and $1500.

Dramatists Guild Fund

The Fund provides confidential grants to professional dramatists experiencing personal hardships such as health-related problems or the temporary loss of income. Recipients need not be Dramatists Guild members.

Gospel Music Trust Fund

The Gospel Music Trust Fund provides financial assistance in the event of an emergency or major catastrophe, terminal or severe illness, to individuals who have derived a substantial portion of their income from the field of Gospel music.

Grand Ole Opry Trust Fund

Any person who has been employed full time in the country music industry may be eligible for financial aid from The Opry Trust Fund.

Jazz Foundation of America

The Musicians' Emergency Fund offers aid to elder jazz and blues musicians in crisis.

Marshall and Mary Brondum Special Assistance Foundation

The Special Assistance Foundation offers financial assistance to folk musicians. There is no website or telephone number; contact them at: Marshall and Mary Brondum Special Assistance Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 3106 Missoula, MT 59806-3106

Motown/ Universal Music Group Fund

The Fund provides grants for assistance to R&B recording artists formerly affiliated with Universal Music Group and any of its labels, to ensure that artists in need have access to financial resources for health, welfare and medical needs.

Music Maker Relief Foundation

The Musical Sustenance Program gives grants to meet basic life needs and emergency relief to people 55 years or older and rooted in a Southern musical tradition.


The Emergency Financial Assistance Program covers financial, medical and personal emergencies. Eligibility is based on at least five years in the industry or credited contribution to six commercially released recordings or videos.

Musicians Foundation

Musicians Foundation helps professional musicians by providing emergency financial assistance in meeting current living, medical and allied expenses. All professional musicians are eligible to apply.

Rhythm and Blues Foundation

The fund provides emergency financial assistance to former Motown artists of the 1960s and 1970s.

Society of Singers

SOS helps singers who have financial needs resulting from personal, family, or medical crises. Applicants must have derived their primary income from professional singing for five or more years.
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