Resources in Sweet Releaf

Physical Health

Civilian Health And Medical Program of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA)

CHAMPVA is a comprehensive health care program in which the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries.

Pharmacy Benefits Management Services

All information about pharmaceutical benefits, prices, safety, and other concerns to veterans is on this site.

Veterans Administration Health Benefits

The VA provides a comprehensive Medical Benefits Package to all enrolled Veterans. This plan provides a full range of preventive outpatient and inpatient services within VA health care system. Once enrolled, veterans can be seen at any VA facility across the country. Family members may also be eligible to receive health benefits.

Veterans' Medical Facilities Locator & Directory

The U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs website has an easy-to-use feature that locates all clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities nationwide.

The Students Guide to Nutrition

This resource walks the reader through the science behind nutrition, helping them understand the benefits of certain foods, and just what makes unhealthy foods so bad for us. It also offers recommendations for eating well on a budget, and making smart choices in a dining hall.

The Ultimate Guide to Hearing Health

The Guide to Hearing Health provides tips on protecting your hearing health, and answers to the most pressing hearing-related questions.
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