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Treatment Information

AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

ACRIA studies new treatments for HIV/AIDS and related diseases, and conducts a comprehensive HIV health literacy program.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program

This database lists contact information for the ADAP program in every state, as well as eligibility guidelines and practical information about ADAP.

AIDS Education Global Information System

AEGIS is the largest free-access library on the subject of AIDS, with over a million articles on the subject. Using its search function, published material on any topic related to HIV/AIDS can be located.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

'AHF is the nation's largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care. It offers cutting-edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of ability to pay to more than 27,000 people in the United States, Africa, Central America and Asia.'

AIDS Treatment News

A feature of, ATN tracks current articles on AIDS treatment, and has archives going back to 1986.

Drug Company Patient Assistance Programs

Most pharmaceutical companies have programs to provide free prescription drugs to people with no insurance, inadequate insurance, or financial difficulties. Eligibility varies for each company, and often a healthcare provider must contact the company. This page provides contact information for the Patient Assistance Programs of the manufacturers of most prescription drugs used to treat HIV/AIDS.

Project Inform

Comprehensive, up-to-date HIV and AIDS treatment publications are available on this site.

The Body: HIV Treatment

This section of The Body lists extensive treatment-related topics, with comprehensive research material on each.

Know Your Facts - Drugs and Alcohol

Information about the risks of drug and alcohol usage and important information resources.

Futures of Palm Beach- What It’s Like to Attend Your First 12-Step Meeting

This source to provides practical guidance on an incredibly common barrier to 12 step recovery. The content is produced and evaluated by treatment experts at a well-respected addiction treatment provider, and addresses an area that many online 12 step resources do not: the personal psychological obstacles to attending the first meeting and the specific ways they can be overcome.
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