Roger Cole Fund

Roger’s troubles began in May of 2013 after a fall.  With abdominal and back pain, and fearing a burst appendix, he was rushed to the hospital via ambulance.  X-rays showed that this was no appendix problem, but rather Lumbar disc herniation, located above a previous fusion from 20 yrs. ago, and surgery was performed right away.

Soon after, the pain was back – and it was severe.  A set of follow up mri’s & x-rays showed additional damage, and in October of 2013, the second surgery, a lumbar Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) was performed.  This surgery, basically has 2 packs (l & r) of bone, which then must fuse over time.  Only one half of the fusion was successful.

Once again, Roger must go under the knife, having been advised of the need for an anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF).   In addition, the pain is compounded by additional pain below the first surgery, but exploratory surgery is necessary to detect exactly what is happening.  These 2 issues combined, are wreaking havoc on Rogers nerves and the pain has become extreme – from the  lumbar region of his back, down to the soles of his feet.  Unfortunately, due to an excessive amount of debt built up from the previous 2 surgeries, Rogers funds have been depleted to the point that it is difficult to keep everything going – from a roof over his head, to food, and you guessed it -medical bills.  Co-pays and deductibles have become too much and he is unable to afford the 3rd surgery without our help.

Roger has done everything humanly possible to keep going – he even works from bed when the pain is too severe, but, as we all know, the human body can only take so much pain.   We reach out to you all today to help Roger out.  Any amount, no matter how small or big, is greatly appreciated.  If we all donate just $1, we can ease the financial burden of someone who has given us all so much joy with his beautiful music.  Any monies collected over the specified amount will be put to good use helping Roger to afford all the follow up therapy necessary to get him walking again.   Even if you are unable to donate, you can help Roger by sharing his Go Fund Me Link (, we ask that you share the link far and wide, and perhaps, we can help make this possible.


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