Who Sweet Relief Helps

In 2013, a survey showed almost half of career musicians did not have health insurance. Roughly 88% of musicians stated they didn’t because they simply couldn’t afford it. With costs rising each year, it’s hard to imagine that percentage going down. Some artists face such overwhelming financial and personal distress when major illness or injury is coupled with a complete lack of, or grossly under-insured, health plan. In many of these cases, treatment for cancer, brain injury, stroke, and MS can accrue expenses reaching several hundred thousands of dollars or more.

Sweet Relief brings professional experience in reducing medical and insurance costs so that funds can be used to keep artists in their homes during treatment and rehabilitation. Our organization takes on the role of organizer, administrator, advocate, event planner, and media partner to bring together family, friends, industry partners and fans when an overwhelming financial obstacle is encountered by the most unfortunate artists.

We have aided people suffering from a wide range of conditions including; Spinal Cord InjuryCancerMultiple SclerosisDiabetesKidney and Liver DiseasesStrokes and Head injuriesMental illness, Psychological disorders, and Cardiopulmonary Illnesses. Assisting some of our Great American artists has brought national awareness to the musicians’ plight.Major artists including Richie Hayward of Little FeatLester Chambers of The Chambers Brothers, Skylark of the Doobie BrothersGarry Shider of Parliament FunkadelicExene Cervanka of XMike Porcaro of Toto, and our founder Victoria Williams, have all looked to Sweet Relief for leadership, compassion, professionalism, and solution.

One unique thing about Sweet Relief is our Directed Artist Funds. These directed artist programs work with fans, friends and industry associates in helping specific musicians facing overwhelming challenges. For a full list of Directed Artist Funds, click HERE.

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