How Sweet Relief Helped

Read Some Testimonials and Learn How Sweet Relief Helped

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is a great organization I am proud to be associated with. They’ve helped so many career musicians faced with serious medical problems, (which of course, will usually lead to astronomical bills that most artists, often lacking insurance, are not equipped to deal with), and at times when every one else has turned their backs. I know first hand, as they’ve helped me, as well as a number of my friends and cohorts, including its founder, Victoria Williams. Please, Support The Arts. Support Sweet Relief. No Donation Is Too Small!!

Sheldon Gomberg – Musician/Producer

I can’t say enough about sweet relief… the assistance they gave to my band mate and brother Richie Hayward was monumental … and given the state of health care these days, forgetting that it was tragic that such a great drummer like Richie had no coverage, Sweet Relief was there to assist in that murky financial whirlwind that donations can create for the patient, we will be forever indebted to Rob Max and his fine staff for all sweet relief they brought to us and his family…

“fighting the good fight”

Paul Barrere – Musician –

I have seen the caring and dedication of Sweet Relief in action. They don’t just provide hope to the musicians in need, they facilitate action! I believe it is the duty of everyone of us participate and provide in any way we can to support their noble mission. Give, and give generously.

Al Cafaro – Metropolitan Talent, Past Chairman/CEO A&M Records

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund proved to be an indispensable resource during a recent debilitating illness.

As I wrestled with the realities of my recovery, the good people at Sweet Relief paired me with a team of advocates that worked vigorously to reduce my medical bills.  Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is a real safety net for musicians who, for one reason or another, find themselves among the over 50 million uninsured Americans. Thank-you, Sweet Relief!

Skylark – Musician

Not only was the Sweet Relief organization founded from a place of compassion, integrity and generous, selfless hearts, but in doing so, has experienced an enormity of success. That quality of character, combined with brains, hard work, conviction and compassion, has made Sweet Relief one of the best organizations I’ve ever had the good fortune of knowing.

From years of their reputation preceding them, they’ve managed to reach all walks of life and share my story.  They got the word out and began a campaign to help me.  From organizing or overseeing benefit shows, to reaching out to bands, labels, sports teams, you name it, they brought awareness, generosity and loving vibrations to this awful event.

Sweet Relief, Bill, Rob and the crew have saved my ass.  It opened my eyes to the fact that good does exist, that selflessness does exist and that people all over the world have been so loving and caring that I believe they all saved my life.

Thanks for that fellas….

Matthew Leone – Musician

Every day, music heals the human spirit. And every day, Sweet Relief ensures that musicians get to heal – so that we don’t lose the soundtrack to our lives. Sweet Relief is the conduit between rock and roll and doctors. This is important stuff.

Jeff Castelaz – CEO Dangerbird


I am absolutely and completely in awe of Sweet Relief.  I couldn’t be more appreciative.  Thank you so much. I cannot wait to hear from you and start putting this all behind me.  I’m in tears right now… Thank you so much. (Grant recipient; 24 year-old singer songwriter injured in an accident while on tour. Sweet Relief paid for his operation and post-op visits)

Chris – Musician; Sweet Relief Grant Recipient


Profound thanks from the bottom of my heart for being there to help when I needed it most.  It is very inspiring to see that there is this loving side of humanity, alive and well, in a world so fraught with horrible news.  I believe that the kind of caring you give is ultimately what holds us all together.  Special thanks for the excellent handling of my issues and for your kind and helpful communication. (Grant recipient; 62 year-old film and concert composer dealing with cancer. Sweet Relief paid for preventative treatment and partial living expenses.)

Sweet Relief Grant Recipient


I would like to write a letter to the “Powers That Be” at Sweet Relief to express my gratitude for the help I’ve received. It’s really been a blessing and has taken considerable strain off my brain.  I hope someday to be able to reciprocate the good karma, but in the meantime, I’d like to give a big thank you! Sweet Relief you are my guardian angel.

Sweet Relief Grant Recipient


I cannot thank you enough for all your kindness and help.  I called my medical provider this week to see where I stood with them and was assured that Sweet Relief had paid my bill in full.  That is indeed a BIG relief for me.  Things are beginning to get better for me now.  My professional piano days are over, but my life is not.  Again, thanks for all your help and best wishes to all connected with Sweet Relief. (Grant Reclipent; classical and jazz pianist diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.)

Sweet Relief Grant Recipient


Sweet Relief’s help is going to be SUCH a help as I recover.  You’ve got no idea.  Middle class people always get hit the hardest when these things occur, because you’re not poor enough to qualify for assistance programs (until you’re destitute, which eventually did happen to me) and you’re not rich to carry you through the tough times.  So charity programs like Sweet Relief are truly a blessing.  Compassion is a cycle, I think.  I know that by receiving this grant… I’m now a much more giving person myself, even if all I can give is a smile to someone I pass on the street.

Sweet Relief Grant Recipient


I wanted to take an opportunity to acknowledge the organization for providing the necessary funds to prevent my impending eviction.  I presented your check to the landlord’s attorney in court and I am happy and relieved to report, as of now, the rent debt has been satisfied.  I cannot express enough for your support in resolving this crisis.  Thank you Sweet Relief for your careful consideration of my application, and providing a means of emergency assistance to musicians in need. I am grateful.

Sweet Relief Grant Recipient


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