Buzzy Linhart Needs Our Help


William “Buzzy” Linhart, one of the musicians we are helping, suffered a stroke last week. Buzzy is best known for playing on albums by Jimi HendrixCarly SimonLaBelle & many others in addition to his own solo career, LISTEN HERE. He is slowly recovering, but will need our help to get him back on his feet! All donations directed to Buzzy Linhart’s fund will be used to pay for any medical treatment and vital living expenses. 

Buzzy has been on SSI disability since about 1990 based on mobility issues and PTSD. He has been plagued by a number of health issues including a serious visual defect since birth. In 1977, he was rear-ended on the 405 in a borrowed truck while moving in the LA area — he was temporarily without a union job and had no health insurance. In that accident, he injured his knee, hip and tore the cartilage between his ribs. Things got bad, and Buzzy experienced homelessness and unprovoked police brutality that seriously injured his shoulder. Thanks to some old “Friends”, and some welfare programs he has had stable housing in Berkeley since about 1990, and reunited with his oldest son, Professor Xeno (Linhart) Rasmusson in 1992. Older adult-related health issues have included osteoporosis, a series of mild strokes and moderate heart attacks, but he has recovered well and has excellent health in many ways thanks to many years of studying natural health and yoga. Although mobility challenged and living with chronic pain, Buzzy still has a lot to give — he wants to get back in the studio and back on stage to do what he does best.

You can read Buzzy’s full story HERE.  Please click the button below to donate.

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