More than just a song: An Interview with Harvey Gold

In late May of 2018, musician Harvey Gold created a song titled “Eidola (inadvertently for Ralph).” 
You can download the song HERE.
All proceeds that Harvey collected from this song on Bandcamp were donated to Sweet Relief in honor of his dear friend Ralph Carney, who unexpectedly passed away while the song was being made. We were so moved by his generosity, we wanted to know more about the meaning behind the song. We reached out to Harvey to ask a few questions about how Eidola came to life.

Why was Ralph Carney so important to you?

Ralph was a little brother to me. We drafted him straight out of high school into our band, Tin Huey. He was a singular force and my baby boy for many, many years, and thus will always hold a truly unique spot in my heart and my life history.

What relevance does this song have to you in your life as of now? 

This song began as an experimental project on an instrumental level, the major component of the front half, analogue synths, the second part a loop built on a Boss loop station. The lyrics, done in reverse Haiku, reflect the build up of ghosts in my life, something that started far too early and a process that, naturally, begins to snowball as I go through the years, resulting in something of a philosophy, “Assume life.”

You said that this song took on a different life for you. How so?

We have to assume we’ll wake up when we go to sleep, and we assume we’ll make it all the way deep into Adult Swim at the end of our day. Death and illness will indeed come, and it will be on its own timetable. Spending too much time agonizing over it begs the question “Will it help?” A little contrary to spending the time writing these lyrics, I’ll grant you, but I think this is part of the process. Dealing with it, in certain respects, demystifies it, and allows me to get my arms around it, and make it part of my life rather than a paralyzing roadblock. Or at least, that’s the plan here.

 Towards the end of the song, you say “But I won’t let silence stand / I’ll just get louder /Remembering to move now.” What does that mean to you? 

Hence, the “call” to not let that terrible silence, now a roar from the one we lost, own the day, to push ourselves to not remain silent any longer than we are compelled by the event, but get louder, reminding ourselves to move forward. I think of it as a blessing to be born NOT a piece of gravel and to be part of a continuum, knowing a couple hours after I am directly mourned, my dears are going to be talking about dinner and work, and movies and the wind will still be blowing through those very same trees I’m looking at out my window even as I write this. Good to have been a part of all that.

Why did you choose Sweet Relief as the charity beneficiary for the song?

I recorded a version and shared it with Ralph because that’s what we did with each other. He had, perhaps a couple weeks prior, written to say “Let’s do an album!!”. Upon hearing this, he wrote back “I LOVE IT!” and then… he was gone a few days later, leading to the “(inadvertently for Ralph).” I then ghosted in a very brief couple of synth tenors, and Ralph’s presence was in the video for the song by way of “Ralph masks” we had made when producing a “Happy Berfday Ralph” video on his 50th birthday.
The Carney family decided that any tributes to Ralph’s memory should go to Sweet Relief, which I personally feel, is a wonderful effort, and wanted to be able to do something that went farther than what my personal finances could afford, something that would reflect my heart’s commitment to Ralph. So I spent what I had spent on the recording and then, after he passed, making the video, feeling that in addition to the proceeds being my contribution, by making it a part of the Bandcamp post and any other release it would, hopefully, direct people towards Sweet Relief. The song will be part of an album release, planned for 2019, and anything earned by the track (1/10th of the album, most likely) in that or any form will continue to go to Sweet Relief.

Harvey is still taking donations for the song and the proceeds will still be donated to Sweet Relief in Ralph’s name. You can download the song HERE.

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