Nights for Sweet Relief   

We are so grateful to all of our participating venues, please click here to see how your venue can participate in our program.

Nights for Sweet Relief is a $.50 cent per-ticket add-on program to raise money for musicians, crews, venue workers and their families, who are struggling to pay their expenses due to injury, illness or disability. 

  • Marketing – Sweet Relief provides supplemental marketing for the show calendar via our website, e-blasts and social media outlets.
  • Charitable Tax Receipts – Sweet Relief provides Charitable Tax Receipts for the amount of money raised through this initiative for tax deduction purposes.
  • Philanthropic Equity – Participation in this program engenders goodwill from the music community of fans and performing artists. Each venue receives a special wall plaque, denoting participation in the program and showcasing their support of musicians and Sweet Relief.

The contribution from the ticket buyer is nearly beneath notice, but its impact is quite large. Every ticket purchased ensures that their favorite artists will be able access help when needed, and will be able to continue to create and perform music.

Thanks to the participation of these venues, Sweet Relief is able to provide financial assistance to a much broader scope of career musicians, crews, venue workers and their families in need. 

Knitting Factory Brooklyn                                                    

 We have created a playlist featuring songs from the many fantastic and diverse artists playing at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn in the coming months. Please take a listen and don’t forget to visit the Knitting Factory Brooklyn’s upcoming events  and support this venue that is doing so much to give back to artists in need.

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