Warren Pilcher Memorial Fund


Warren Pilcher
10/12/1966 – 6/6/2014
Resident of Sunnyvale
Warren fought brain cancer for a year and a half. He leaves behind wife Shelly of 17 years, daughters Nikki, Zandra and son Zac. Memorial was held at The Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on Friday June 27 5pm.  In lieu of flowers, donations can be made here to the Warren Pilcher Memorial Fund at Sweet Relief. 

Original Posting:

We are writing this letter as a plea for help. Another one of our brothers has been struck with a life-threatening situation. On October 22 2012, Warren Pilcher was at work when he suddenly lost the ability to lift his leg. He had not been feeling well that day, so he decided it was best to return home. He thought, perhaps, he might have suffered a small stroke.

The following day his wife took him to Valley Medical Center. The doctors ran protocol tests, and ordered an MRI, only to discover a 2.1cm tumor in his brain. On October 26 Warren had surgery, and discovered that the tumor, which at first they thought was benign, was actually stage 4 high-grade glioma. Warren and his doctors determined the best course of action was to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments. After surgery, Warren bounced back with vigor and passion, making an amazing recovery. He completed his chemo and radiation treatments at the beginning of February 2013. Two weeks later, he started having headaches and dizzy spells and fell in his kitchen. Once again, he went to his doctor and received another MRI where they discovered the growth of a new tumor in the right frontal lobe of his brain.

He has just survived his second major surgery, and will need to follow with yet more chemotherapy. Despite these overwhelming odds and challenges, Warren has remained as bright, funny and positive as always! He has been keeping friends and family informed on his situation, pre and post surgery, via emails and social networking.

Warren has served the music and live entertainment industries for the past 26 years as an Operations Manager for Bill Graham Presents at Shoreline Amphitheatre, and as a stagehand for IATSE 134. His work has required him to spend time on the road, spanning nationwide from California to Florida. Such work involved the likes of serving the Dalai Lama during The Heart of Wisdom Teachings, touring with the Grateful Dead, and setup of The Wheel of Fortune game show and various other festivals throughout the years.

Often times, people have asked Warren what he does at such events. Well, quite frankly, it is not just the musicians that sacrifice for music. There is a team of support, a backbone, that creates environments for musicians to perform in, and for the public and fans to play in, where they can come see their heroes, idols and inspirations safely. That, in short, is what Warren does!

Warren has provided his expertise so that thousands of fans, as well as performers, could have a safe and enjoyable experience with their events. He has put his professionalism first and personal needs always second to make the show happen. Warren has been generous in giving and in character, creating a legacy of friendship throughout his career in music production and a legion of friends who love him.

He and his wife Shelly have been married 16 years. They have known each other since they were 12 years old. They have three wonderful children together: Nikki (23), Zandra (20) and Zach (13). All of them are fighting this battle with him- back to good health.

Warren has given so much of himself, to the music community, to his friends, to his family. And now Warren needs help. We are asking everyone in our tribe to help in some way, to provide for Warren while he fights his battle and takes the time necessary to fully recover. Whether you know Warren personally, or whether you enjoyed the benefits of the work he has done while you were performing or enjoying a concert, please find some small way to give a bit of support at this time.

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